4 Cardio Exercises That Deliver Huge Results

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “cardio”? Probably running, maybe the treadmill, or even rowing? But there’s so much more to cardio than a steady-state endurance workout.


The best kind of cardio exercises are the ones that focus on multiple joints and more than one muscle group. They are the ones that improve coordination and elevate the heart rate quicker, allowing a person to get a full-body workout in less time.


So ditch your usual morning run and follow our guide instead! We recommend doing these exercises with 30 seconds of rest between each.




How to do it: Cross your right leg behind your left leg as you bend your right knee 90 degrees. Extend your left arm out to your side and swing your left arm across your left leg. Jump a few feet to the other side, switching the position of your legs and arms. That’s one rep.

Recommended sets/reps: 6-8 sets of 8 reps.


What it works-  Hip muscles and glutes




How to do it: Stay in the standing position. In one motion, sit down onto floor and roll back, driving hips and heels upwards. Roll back to bring your feet back to the ground and come back to standing position. That’s one rep.


Recommended sets/reps: 4-5 sets of 10 reps.


What it works: Strengthening your core


Burpees 180 Jump


How to do it: Start in a squat position, feet shoulder-width apart. Drop hips down and place palms on the floor, then jump your feet back and lower your body down to the floor. Bring your body up then jump feet forward back into squat stance. Jump up at the top, rotating 180 degrees. Repeat on the other side. That’s one rep.


Recommended sets/reps: 6-8 sets of 8 reps.


What it works: Shoulders, chest, gluteus muscles and hamstrings

Lateral toe taps


How to do it: Place an object between your feet to act as a marker. Begin with your left foot on top of the target, keeping your weight in your right foot. Quickly switch feet so that your right foot is on the target. That’s one rep. Continue alternating feet while lightly tapping your toes on the target.


Recommended sets/reps: 6-8 sets of 8 reps.


What it works: It works your balance and stability


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