4 Important Supplements For Good Health

Sometimes, a ‘good’ diet simply doesn’t cut it.

Are supplements only for those who go to the gym? Or are they for hypochondriacs, who run to the doctor every time they see a runny nose? The short answer is: no, everybody needs them.

Here’s a look at the basic supplements you need to maintain your health.

Supplement 1: Multivitamin Pills

They don’t dramatically change your health situation, but they can definitely enhance it. A multivitamin tablet that contains vital vitamin B complex and vitamin D is your ‘safety net’ for good health.

The best time to take this supplement would be in the morning. Vitamin D, though it stabilizes your body’s systems, can inhibit your sleep cycles.



Supplement 2: Fish Oil

Our diets mostly consist of Omega-6 fats, which are inflammatory and not good for us. Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 fats, though. You get a host of anti-inflammatory properties, and other benefits. A good fish oil supplement reduces triglycerides in your body, and helps with heart and brain health.

It can also help you keep diabetes at bay, and enables your body to fight fat accumulation.


Supplement 3: Probiotics

A good digestive system often means a healthy, vital body. Probiotics are generally found in cultured foods like curds, yoghurts, or fermented cheeses. With a good supply of probiotics, you establish a digestive balance.

A bonus: you won’t be troubled by frequent stomach problems.



Supplement 4: Folic Acid (Or Folates)

If you’re dismissing folates as ‘only for pregnant women’, reconsider. These are good for people of all ages. This essential B-vitamin lowers your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, and heart disease.


An important fact to keep in mind: don’t think a supplement can take care of a bad diet and a complete lack of exercise. A supplement is meant to enhance your health, not build it by itself.