5 Health Tips For When You’re Traveling Through India

You know there’s a reason to stay alert when our country’s capital features in the name of a digestive disorder (Delhi Belly). Unsafe and hygienic practices are all too common: there’s no denying this fact.

There are a few precautions you can use to make sure you are safe when travelling through our country. Wherever you go, caution is the need of the hour!

Tip #1: Get All The Appropriate Vaccines

Make sure you’ve got the right shots (injections) for diseases you’ll be exposed to. These usually include hepatitis (A and B), cholera, typhoid, and a bacterial infection called diphtheria.

The key to getting your vaccinations right is making sure you get them done in time. Some vaccines may need to be injected as much as half a year before your trip, while others need a regular course over a period of time.

Make sure you see your doctor regarding this, before you head for your trip.

Vaccination protection influenza, injection for the prevention of flu

Tip #2: Wash Your Hands

This is pretty important, especially when you’re exposed to so many germs in the air and on uncleaned surfaces like greasy window ledges and restaurant tables. When your hands get exposed to such microbes, it’s a bad idea to (say) wipe the sweat off  your brow, or dab your lips.

These actions could transmit infection causing agents to your face, putting you at risk. The solution: soap and water. Washing your hands helps you avoid a number of unnecessary infections.


Tip #3: Avoid Tap Water At All Costs

Most of us know to steer clear of tap water across India, but a number of us still don’t realize the importance of this choice. We often compromise when we’re faced with (say) slightly expensive price tags on bottled water.

Especially if you’re unsure of the safety measures used on the tap water, always go with the bottled variety.

Pro tip: for the same reason, avoid ice in your drinks, unless you’re reasonably certain safe water has been used.


Tip #4: Eat Probiotics, To Protect Your Digestive System

Eating a bowl of yoghurt isn’t going to instantly shield your stomach. Make it a habit to include probiotics like yoghurt or curd in your diet. Eat them regularly in the months leading to your trip, and get a traveller’s pack if you’re heading somewhere you won’t get them.


Tip #5: Carry Medication

You’ll need to carry medication for common issues like upset stomachs, nausea, and small aches and pains. If you have allergies, make sure you have your prescriptions and appropriate medication. Rural areas in India, while great for a holiday visit, often lack the necessary medical infrastructure.

Another reason to carry prescriptions: if you may need drugs that aren’t sold without a doctor’s filled-out prescription.