5 Indian Eating Habits That Are Great For Health

We’ve all heard the jokes about Indian food in American TV shows and movies, but most Indians know that our food is actually healthy. In fact, from the ingredients to the cooking methods, our food and eating habits are generally on the healthier side.

These 5 habits are the proof.

Habit #1: Our Food Is Fresh

To most foreigners, cooking 3 separate meals each day can seem like too much work. However, we cook our meals afresh every time, protecting ourselves from harmful diseases.


Habit #2: Most Drinks Are Non-Alcoholic

Think about it: most of our drinks, be it summer or winter, are flavorful, tasty and healthier than drinking alcohol. In fact, masala chai, nimbu paani and lassi are all healthy beverages.

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Habit #3: Our Spices Are Mostly Superfoods

Coriander, cardamom, turmeric, mustard and cumin seeds are all renowned for their health-boosting properties.


Habit #4: We Love Chutneys, And Healthy Ingredients

Coconuts, yoghurt, peanuts, mint, and cucumbers—all these are common chutney ingredients, and all of them are beneficial to health.



Habit #5: Our Flatbread Obsession

Across the country, we eat rotis, chapatis, or phulkas—whatever you call your favorite flatbread, it is made from healthy whole grains.


If your home follows a traditional Indian diet, you most likely won’t have to worry about eating healthy.