6 Great Exercises Hiding In Domestic Activities

In this fast-paced world, finding time exclusively for exercising is very difficult. People, especially the working class, cannot  devote time after their daily routine.


Many of our day to day activities have a fitness element to them. Knowingly or unknowingly, doing these activities meticulously, will increase the levels of fitness of any individual.


#1  ‘Cooking?’

‘Just a hobby.’

Cooking is a hobby for many but a routine for a few. Cooking`s exercise perspective is seen when a person stirs or cuts vegetables to prepare a dish.


Chopping of vegetables increases the strength of the fingers. It not only emphasizes on the physical health but also the mental health of a person as he or she has to be having the same precision levels throughout the chopping process.



#2  ‘Washing vessels?!

(Definitely, not my first choice)

Cleaning vessels or in other words, dishwashing, is one other exercise that unknowingly plays an important role in the health aspect of humans. Dishwashing, emphasizes on the grip and arm strength of a person. Doing this activity has a pronounced effect on the strength of the wrists and the strength of the arms

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#3   ‘Your room is dirty’

‘It’s fine the way it is, mom!’

Sweeping, often hated by most people, is one of the important household activities that can transform the fitness of an individual to a whole new level. It not only increases the flexibility of the person but also his or her strength.


While the bending and stretching part of the activity focus on the flexibility, the movement of the arms focuses on the strength of the arms and the shoulders. In addition to this, while sweeping low or hard to reach places, the legs are stretched making it a whole body functional workout.


Mopping the floor is yet another activity with an exercise background to it. It is a whole body exercise. In addition to this, it also focuses on the strength of the wrists and fingers predominantly while squeezing the head of the mop.

Indian woman cleaning table-square


#4  ‘I am going to use the lift. I don’t want to climb 2 floors’

Climbing stairs is the perfect example of a cardiovascular exercise one can do daily. It works mainly on the lower body. The body becomes more stable and it activity enhances fat loss.


#5  ‘I buy wrinkle free clothes all the time. It saves so much time’

Ironing is an equivalent of weight training for the upper body. If the hands are changed periodically, then this serves as a perfect workout for the arms.

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It is therefore sufficient to do the daily chores to stay in shape. You end up becoming fitter while getting the satisfaction that your task list is clear!