6 questions to help you see life more clearly

Life can be complicated. It is a journey where you learn, develop and rise above the hurdles to discover the essence of your true self. Caught up in the pursuit of happiness, we forget to realise the power we have to make ourselves more content and happy.

Here are 6 fundamental questions you can ask yourself to be at the top of your game in life.

  • Who Am I?

You might describe yourself by your ethnicity or your way of living. However, this question is built to understand how you are constantly evolving as a human being. So think through and look deeper into your individual narrative.

  • Do I like myself?

This is not about your appearance; it’s about your opinion on your answer to the first question. If you disapprove of yourself, then you would find it difficult to be happy with anyone – it stems from your relationship with yourself.

  • What matters the most?

This one is crucial – until you clarify what you value the most, you will never know the purpose of what you do. When you find what matters, you will understand the meaning behind the time you spend for each task you do.

  • Whom do I forgive to find inner peace?

Forgiveness is key. This act of courage keeps you peaceful and free of any unnecessary internal struggles.

  • Am I doing my best?

Once you find what you want to do, give it your fullest. Also, this action moves you closer to the person you intend to be.

  • Have I made someone smile today?

Love is the essence of life. The way you treat other people has an effect on you too! A slight gesture by you has the power to make others happy – which will consequently make you happy!

Ask yourself these questions every day and get valuable insights into the work you do!