Amazing Tricks for Healthy, Glowing Skin!

The topic for the day was one of the oldest tricks for glowing skin – Face Packs or Face Masks! It is a technique that’s evolved since the times of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The expert guests are Ms. Menaka and Ms. Runima, both top executives at leading salon chains. Runima says facemasks are used when one requires an instant glow. It can be done at home or at a salon, but one should be sure not to do it more than once a week as it can dry your skin when overused. It has all the benefits of a facial but is quicker.

Follow it up with a toner to close the pores. Menaka has been in the beauty business for 18 years. She says that people with oily skin can use facemasks more often than those with dry skin. It’s best to assess your skin type before deciding what facemask to use and the frequency of use. Runima points out that most good salons insists on doing a face map before deciding what works for each individual. Faces are mapped into 14 different zones, which have to be identified to see a person’s skin type is. Each zone has its own concerns. The treatment that the salons suggest will be customized for each individual and suggested home regimen is not that complicated. She emphasizes the importance of SPF because UV rays are everywhere at all times of the day and night, and not just outside in the sun like most people assume. Menaka says that her secret to glowing skin is enjoying her work!

She insists that when you love what you do, your skin glows! When you’re stressed and depressed, it does take a toll on your skin too. The guests share an interesting factoid, that Multani mitti could cause cancer later in life! This is an important piece of information, considering many Indian women use this regularly as part of their beauty regime! Menaka highlights the point that different ages require different types of facemasks.

Additonally, she gives us some wisdom in the form of homemade natural masks! Papaya, honey and egg whites make a great facemask and don’t neglect your neck when you’re doing it at home. For youngsters who have an acne problem, between ages 14 to 18, she suggests a homemade mask of sweet-lime and fine sugar. When Jane brings up the topic of men and the belief that they don’t really spend time on this kind of grooming, Runima reveals that 60% of their clientele is male and it’s a myth that men don’t care about grooming! People, even men, do appreciate the time they spend in the salon, as they feel pampered and taken care of.

When it comes to special advice for pre wedding preparations, Runima advices that both the bride and the groom should get a facial or a facemask done a week before the wedding, as it could cause a reaction, and this way it would give time to heal. Haircuts, especially for the groom, should happen at least a week ahead. Jane talks about how many different types of facemasks are in the market.

Some are clay, some are cream, some are peel off! She asks her guests what is the right way to take care of your skin? Runima says to visit the salon n do a skin analysis. They do a visual analysis and ask questions about your lifestyle based on which they can advise you. Take a face treatment once in 21 days or once a month.

They suggest products only after they analyze the skin. A home skin regime should start in the morning, and continue after work in the evening when one comes back, removes make up, puts on a night cream, and if necessary use an under eye serum. The mantra should be “Cleanse, Moisturize and SPF”. Menaka adds that we should stick to a particular brand of face wash, and make sure that whatever product we use has SPF in it. Additionally it helps to wash combs and the sponges in compacts, as that’s where infections are picked up. A Caller, Swathi, turns out to be 10000th caller this year! She asks the guests which face pack is good for tan removal. Menaka says that the most effective treatment for tan removal is an exfoliator and a face pack every week and a daily face cleanse. If you analyze your skin at a salon, they will be able to recommend what kind of face pack you can use at home. Another caller, Suchitra, is in her late 20s and has an acne and pimple problem, and has very sensitive skin. She asks the guests whether this is normal at her age. According to her Dermatologist, she’s not supposed to use face creams or make up, as her skin reacts immediately.

Menaka says that for oily skin, salons have really good treatments. Additionally, the diet also makes a huge difference. She suggests that Suchitra try using Astringent twice a day as it also helps clearing acne. But she still insists that Suchitra should get a skin analysis done first. In conclusion, Menaka tells us it’s up to us to enjoy your life with glowing skin, and Runima says all you need is a smile and a positive attitude for a natural glow!