Benefits of aromatherapy

The topic for today is the benefits of aromatherapy. Does it really work?
Aromatherapy is the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional wellness.
The expert guest on the show is Mr. Sushanth, a Partner at a popular Spa in Chennai.

Sushanth says that aromatherapy is already a part of our daily lives. Even when you wake up and brush your teeth, the mint in your toothpaste gives you freshness, that’s aromatherapy, using deodorants and perfumes because we like certain scents, that’s aromatherapy too!

RJ Jane then asks him about aromatherapy as a service offered in spas. How is it different?
Sushanth tells us that right from when you enter a spa, it’s about feeling good. Based on your requirements, they use certain aromas. For example, if you were looking for refreshment after a tiring day at work they would use peppermint oil.
There’s also something called a detox massage where they use lemon and lemongrass extract. It releases toxins in your body, which detoxes all the bad effects of binge eating, junk food and other indulgences.
There’s even a “slimming massage” or a cellulite massage were they use something called cellulite oil. It breaks down the fat that is right under the surface of the skin in certain concentrated areas such as thighs or tummy.
Aromatherapy oils can help you relax, reduce hair loss and de-stress you. More than health, it brings a sense of wellness.
Jane then welcomes a second guest who works at Sushanth’s spa, Lakshmi, a masseuse from Bali.
She says that aside from being famous for it’s beaches and temples, Bali is also famous for massages!
The Balinese massage uses aroma oil and medium pressure on the body. It’s a de-stressing and pain relieving massage.
Sushanth says he has noticed people walk in to the spa tired, and leave on wings! They leave completely rejuvenated and feel light on their feet.
He says that another way of incorporating Aromatherapy in your life is to incorporate it in your home. All you need is an aroma diffuser which you can fill with water, and add the soluble oil. Rose is one of the most relaxing aromas that many people prefer, especially at home.
He advices that when you’re buying your aromatherapy oils, make sure you get it from a trusted source so that it’s not contaminated.
Sushanth says that aromatherapy oils can be used in 3 ways:
1. Essential oils can be used as a perfume. You just need to find what suits you. These are natural unlike synthetic perfume. But he suggests that this should be done after consulting an Aromatherapist.
2.Two drops of orange oil mixed with hot water can be consumed to clean your body from within and makes you feel lighter
3. Aromatherapy can refresh, rejuvenate and relax you

He also tells us some little known uses of some aromatherapy oils. Eucalyptus oil is used for pain relief or nasal congestion while lemongrass can keep mosquitoes away!

Lakshmi concludes with a simple and inviting message. That when you’re stressed, come to the spa and get yourself a Balinese massage!

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