Christmas diet tips: How to eat, drink and still be merry?

Christmas is one of the most awaited days of the year – and with it comes celebrations, good times, good food … and a good deal of worrying about waistlines. If you want to celebrate the Christmas season without moving up notches on your favourite belt, read on to find out how to eat, drink and be merry without gaining weight.


  1. Make red wine your festive friend
    A wise decision here is to opt for low-calorie beverages such as red wine. This means dropping the beers and anything mixed with cola, all of which that are high in calories
  2. Snack on dates and nuts
    When the Xmas party food is rolled, try to avoid cakes, chocolates and pastries and reach instead for dates and nuts, which are very high in nutritional value.
  3. The secret to eating less
    Go heavy on the cinnamon. Seriously, it helps to block the surge in sugar after a carb-heavy meal, which means your body is less likely to store the food as fat. A sprinkling in your hot drinks should help.
  4. Stay active
    One easy way to achieve this is by walking. By getting daily walks in over Christmas, you’ll help to keep your body fat levels down, as well as aiding the digestion of all that shortbread, pie, cakes and toffee.


Be mindful of what you eat and follow these tips to enjoy your Christmas worry-free. If you have any more tips, please do share with us under the facebook comments section.