The 3 Best Workouts For Children At Home

In India, today is the day we celebrate children all over the country. Even as we cherish the precious ‘junior’ members of our families, there’s an increasing concern about their fitness.

Children are increasingly becoming both unfit and unhealthy. The increasing number of cases of child obesity, and lifestyle diseases, underline this fact. We need to do something about this, or we’ll be letting our children lose the health and wellness they deserve.

These 3 workouts are a step in the right direction. What’s great about them is that you can do them all at home. No gym/equipment required!

Workout #1: Push Ups

What do US Navy SEALs and your child have in common? Well if your kid tries, push-ups, that’s one thing!

Like the rest of the workouts on this list, the push up is highly effective, and requires little to no equipment. Start by lying face down and placing your hands a little wider than a shoulder width apart. Steadily lower yourself, keeping your form correct. That means that your head, shoulders, and butt are all in one straight line.

With pushups, it’s all about maintaining good form; you burn considerable energy, and an improper form can cause damage.

Training athletic boy

Workout #2: Ab Crunches

Also called curl-ups because you curl up your chest towards your knees. You start by lying in a face-upwards position, keeping your knees bent so that your heels are quite close to your buttocks.

Then, bring your shoulders up and towards your knees.

Ab crunches have two-fold benefits. They help your abs get proper definition, and also increase your core strength.


Workout #3: Squats

Simple, and once your children get through the initial ‘finding it tough’ stage, they’ll find it fun. Squats are often the workout of choice of every type of exerciser: gym freaks, athletes, bodybuilders, power lifters, sprinters, novices, pros, everyone.

How you do them: the starting position is to stand with your legs set about shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself in a deep knee bend, keeping your entire body upwards of your buttocks in a firm vertical line.

Imagine yourself sitting on an invisible box between and slightly behind your legs: that’s the best form for a squat.

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With these three exercises (done with the right form, with an adult supervising), you can start your child on the path to fitness right at home. You won’t need any equipment either!