The 5 Essential Items Your Medicine Cabinet Needs To Have

This isn’t an exhaustive list of items a medicine cabinet needs. Instead, you’ll find the basic medical supplies you simply shouldn’t live without. With these in stock, you won’t have to run to a pharmacy for the small but frequent mishaps!

A Proper First-Aid Kit


This should contain everything you’ll need to take care of minor cuts and bruises. Make sure it contains good antiseptic, cotton, and band-aids to cover small cuts, bruises and blisters.

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Antacid pills or syrups can help with a common medical problem we face all too often: heartburn. Whether you overate at a party or are simply reacting to something you ate, antacids can offer some much-need relief.

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Cough Syrup And Topical Relief Ointments


These are your best friends when you have a cold. Cough syrups give you relief from the constant coughing, while a topical ointment like Vicks Vaporub can offer help with nasal congested breathing and cough suppression.

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Pain Relief Medication


A number of medical problems can cause pain. If you’re in no position to see a doctor, you’ll need an ITC pain relief pill. If the pain persists, though, see your doctor.

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Heating Pads, Ice Packs


When you have a swelling or inflammation, alternating between the two of these items will give you immediate relief and speed up recovery.

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With these items in your closet, you can deal with most domestic injuries and minor medical issues on your own.