The 5 Hidden Benefits Of Getting A Massage

Everyone knows how a massage can be really relaxing, but did you know that there were other advantages as well? Here are 5 great reasons to get on the massage table, or have a loved one give you a good rubdown.

Benefit #1: Eases Low Moods And Worry

Numerous studies of medical patients have shown that a massage can bring down stress levels. After a relaxing, rejuvenating massage, your depression and anxieties melt right away.


Benefit #2: It Can Relieve Muscle Pain

If poor circulation is causing soreness in your muscles, get out that massage oil, or head to the nearest spa. Massage therapy is as effective a method as any to combat muscle pain.


Benefit #3: It Counteracts A Sedentary Lifestyle

You’ve probably read somewhere that sitting all day is bad for your glutes (bottom) and lower back muscles. A massage can counteract the effect, meaning that it can take care of the harm caused by a stationary lifestyle.



Benefit #4: Increased Immunity

A study has found that a massage can boost your white blood cell count, thereby increasing immunity. It has even been known to help HIV patients improve immune function.

Benefit #5: You Can Beat Headaches

A massage can reduce the intensity of your headache, or get rid of it altogether for you.


These 5 great benefits make it fairly obvious that a massage is something you simply can’t afford to miss out on!