Shampoos. Conditioners. Serums. No blow-drying. Tonnes of creams. Brushing your hair thrice a day. What are the other tips you have got to keep your hair healthy?

While it is good to do these things to keep your hair healthy, the problem largely is that these are mostly superficial!

By eating nutrient rich foods that are good for you, you are feeding your hair and giving it a chance to grow healthy and fixing the problem at its roots. Here are 8 foods that are excellent for healthy hair.

1. Amla Berries

Indian gooseberry or Amla which is famous for its sour taste is very high in antioxidants and is extremely good for healthy hair. They can be cut into pieces and eaten as is but the only catch is that you need to develop a liking for this extreme sour taste.


2.Green Leafy Vegetables

Not just for healthy hair but green leafy vegetables are a must have in your diet and give you a host of health benefits. Greens like spinach must be a definite addition to your diet to help your hair grow healthy and thick!



Rich in various nutrients that range from omega 3 to iron and zinc, oats are a great choice for healthy hair. Make a breakfast out of oatmeal or have them for your mid-evening break and enjoy lustrous hair.


They are not just tasty but they are also great for your hair! Rich in vitamin C, guavas are the best bet for anyone who has thin hair woes.



They don’t just make you healthier and stronger but are also packed with vitamin B. Vitamin B prevents your hair from being brittle and unhealthy and instead adds the much need lustre and strength to your hair!


6.Sweet Potatoes

Not just sweet potatoes but almost every orange coloured vegetable and fruit ( like carrots, pumpkins and mangoes) is so good for your hair that they are called elixir of the locks.


7.Nuts and Seeds

Whether it is walnuts, pistachios or cashews, nuts have a lot of nutrients that help keep your hair supple and prevent breakage.



Barley contains vitamin E that helps repair sun damage on the scalp which helps prevent hair thinning. Vitamin E supplements have been proven to improve hair growth and since barley is very rich in this, it is important to include it in your diet!