The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ and its many benefits!


Vitamin D, also known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ is a unique vitamin your body can make from the sun.

The body produced naturally when exposed to sunlight. Despite the capability to get vitamin D from food and the sun, it is estimated that 40%-75% of people have a deficiency of Vitamin D.


Is Vitamin D really that important?

Vitamin D is an essential compound that promises great advantages to health, yet most adults fall short. Let’s look at a few advantages that Vitamin D provides:



  • Cancer- It is estimated that cancer risks can be prevented by 75% by adequate consumption of vitamin D.
  • Calcium Levels – Vitamin D maintains calcium and phosphate levels in the blood and contributes to the bone development and bone strength.
  • Your Immune System – Ever heard of those “t-cells” that protect your body against germs and diseases? Vitamin D is vital in their creation and function.


How much Vitamin D does your body need?


The recommendations for adults up to age 69 rose to 600 IU/day, and to 800 IU/day for adults starting at age 70. Senior people need more vitamin D because as they age, their skin does not produce vitamin D efficiently.



How to get enough Vitamin D?



  • Spend a safe amount of time in sun
  • Use a sunscreen for long sun exposure


  • Get blood levels of vitamin D tested
  • If necessary, use supplements . Make sure to consult with a doctor.