Two Ropes, To Fitness: 4 Fun Facts About TRX Suspension Training

If you take a look at the TRX website, it says that it is a “highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.”

TRX is a suspension training system. It is designed to help you work out every part of your body, using no other equipment. The system uses your body weight alone to help you exercise. And if you’re thinking “maybe this limits the number of exercises I can do”, the TRX suspension system can help you do virtually hundreds of exercises.

Here’s a look at some fun facts you need to know about this workout.


  1. It’s Not Just For Fitness Pros


If you took one look at the two suspended rings and thought “not for me”, we understand. It looks intimidating. However, TRX works for everyone from complete fitness amateurs to seasoned athletes.

You can start with your feet planted wide (called a wide base stance) and progressively work your way upwards.


  • It’s Great For Cardio And Strength


You’ll be working on all your physical skills and assets: balance, coordination, speed and strength. It’s not just a cardio exercise, nor is it all-out strength training. This versatility of TRX is what has made this a popular choice.

Depending on your level of prowess, you can make even something as simple as a lunge a very effective, complex balance-focused workout. With TRX workouts, you can make things as tough or as easy as suits your body.


  • Zipping Through Levels Is A Bad Idea


A number of people get overconfident after a couple of TRX sessions. In their enthusiasm, they assume that they can take on advanced exercises like atomic push ups and so on. This often ends with disappointment and heavy medical bills.

Build your routine up slowly. Master the motion you use for a particular exercise, and only then move on to the next one.


  • It’s Easy To Set Up


When US Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick developed the first prototype of the TRX program, it was using his jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing.

The TRX suspension trainer is lightweight, portable and easy to set up. The cables are suspended from a main carabiner that you can set up on a door or wall mount. Cam buckles and adjustment straps help you customize your setup to fit your routine, your body size and your workout type.

This low impact exercise routine is simple; you don’t even have to use weights or other complicated equipment. It is also low impact, which means it’s easy on your feet and knees. Have these facts about TRX intrigued you?