Type 2 Diabetes: How Often Should You Test Your Blood Sugar?

Monitoring your blood sugar is extremely important if you suffer from diabetes. It’s crucial to test your sugar levels consistently, keep a record and manage your food intake accordingly. But before you grab your meter and check your blood sugar level, ask yourself this: Is this really the best time to check my levels?

What is the best time to test my blood sugar?


Experts recommend that people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are encouraged to check their fasting blood glucose levels. There are many times when you can test your blood sugar, such as an hour or so after you eat, when you’re sick, after you start a new prescription, or when you’re under a lot of stress. Some usual blood sugar checkpoints include:

  • fasting
  • before meals
  • after meals
  • before bed
  • during the night

    Don’t forget these important times to test!

    Keep Track Of and Learn From Your Blood Glucose Tests


Record your glucose level in a form that’s convenient for you. Perhaps you like writing your results in a record book. Or maybe you prefer using a mobile app that’s available. Find what works best for you, and stick with it.


Try to modify your eating, exercise, and treatment regimen and monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis.


So, check your blood sugar when required and keep track of your results, observe them, and be ready to discuss them with your provider at each visit.