Understanding Cooking Oil Options

Every self-respecting Indian cook knows gingelly and sunflower oil. But aside from coconut oil, we don’t really know much about the other oil types that are gaining popularity these days.

That’s what this simple, easy-to-read guide is: a short intro to the so-called ‘new’ types of cooking oil you’ll find in supermarkets today.

1: Light Olive Oil

Also called ‘pure’ or ‘regular’ olive oil, this suits cooking better than the more popular extra virgin olive oil. With a high smoke point of about 240˚C, it suits high-heat cooking. If someone tells you that olive oil isn’t great for cooking, you can tell them that light olive oil actually is!


2: Canola Oil

Made by pressing and crushing seeds from the rapeseed plant, canola oil is practically identical to vegetable oil in usage (sautéeing and frying), flavor and color (neutral) and smoke point (204˚C).


3: Refined Corn Oil

It’s great for frying, with a smoke point of 232˚C. Refined corn oil has a neutral flavor, and is commonly used in commercial establishments because it’s available for a cheap price.


4: Grapeseed Oil

This light green oil is popular among chefs, because it works well with other flavors, and has a high smoke point of 215˚C.


Get familiar with these new flavors, and you can bring a host of variety into your kitchen today!