Why sitting down for meals is good for you?

Sometimes we get caught up in our work that we barely make time to sit down and eat. The result – we end up eating at our desk at work or grabbing a coffee while driving or glancing though our Facebook news feed.


But why is that such a bad thing? Let us investigate the effects of eating while standing up and we will also tell you why actually sitting down for meals is best.


Standing may lead to over-eating

Eating while standing up may increase the speed at which you are eating. Many of us would tend to overeat and consume more calories. The few extra calories we burn while standing probably won’t be enough to compensate.


Your body posture’s effect on digestion

Your posture has influence over how quickly the food gets digested. Digestion is slowest when you’re lying down and quickest when you’re standing up and moving. However, make sure you sit down and eat your meal and then get moving.


Why should we sit down for a meal?

  • Distancing yourself from distractions and focusing all your senses on the meal can promote mindfulness.
  • Sitting down for a meal ensures proper supply of blood to the digestive system.
  • The nutrients get absorbed by the blood once the food is digested



Sitting down for a meal with a calm and stress-free mind is essential . So start enjoying your meal wholeheartedly as it has a positive effect on the entire body.