5 Holi Colours You Can Make At Home, The Natural Way!

Holi Hai! It’s the festival of colours, joy, and fun! Holi is a festival that is celebrated not just in North India – its spirit evokes joy and has encouraged people worldwide to celebrate it. However, the use of synthetic and chemical-heavy colours might cause more damage than they do fun. Here are 5 colours that are eco-friendly, completely natural and can easily be made at home!

  • Pink:

Grind up some beetroots and let them dry in the sun for an intense pink colour! You can also boil them in water for a wet colour.

  • Yellow:

Brighten things up with yellow! Mix turmeric and besan powder in a 1:2 ratio for a vibrant dry yellow colour. For a wet colour, mix turmeric with water.

  • Red:

Fire up the fun! Grind dried up red rose petals or hibiscus to a fine powder for a brilliant dry red colour. You can also use vermillion (sindoor) for red. For a wet colour, you can mix these powders with water.

  • Green:

Dry, powdered, 100% pure henna makes for a great green! Henna is safe to use dry and can be easily brushed off if not mixed with water. For a wet green colour, mix mint leaf or spinach paste with water.

  • Brown:

Brown is a good alternative to black. Mix henna powder and dried amla powder in a 1:4 ratio for a rich brown colour. It can also be used as a wet colour if you mix it with water!

Hope you use these tips to celebrate Holi in a natural and safe way! If you know ways to make more colours, comment below!