4 ways to ensure food safety in Summer

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According to WHO estimates, it was found that  two million deaths occur globally, every year, due to contamination of food and water. Who would have thought that there are over 200 diseases that are caused by contaminated food or drinking water? The carry bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemical substances that are harmful for human consumption.

Here are four ways to prevent food borne diseases:

Separate raw and cooked foods

Separate raw foods, poultry and seafood from cooked food as they might contain harmful microorganisms. Make sure the food in the containers  avoid contact with each other.


Cook your food thoroughly

Cook food properly, especially  meat, poultry, eggs and seafood. It is advisable to boil foods like soups and stews to at least 70°C.  Make sure that juices are clear and not pink for poultry and seafood.


Keep food at safe temperatures

It is generally not recommended to leave cooked food at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Refrigerate all cooked preferably below 5°C but also remember, it is unhealthy to consume stored food which has been kept in the refrigerator for too long.


Use safe water and raw materials

Use safe and clean water to wash fruits and veggies especially if they are being consumed raw. Be sure to check the expiry date of other ingredients before using them to cook.



Foods That Help Prevent Acid Reflux (Acidity)

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Acidity can be a painful experience. This burning sensation that simply doesn’t go away after a heavy meal can be fixed, though.

And here’s the easy way of getting through painful acid reflux: eating certain foods.



Universally popular as one of the most popular fixes for this problem, ginger can actually treat a number of gastrointestinal disorders. Use it in moderation.




A great alternative to your usual lunch, which protects you from painful reflux. Just make sure you avoid onions, and don’t add more than a teaspoon of fatty dressing.

Nicioise salad arranged on table



With an heavily alkaline pH of 8.8, watermelons are a great way of fighting acidity, which is caused by too much acid in your stomach.




Yes, meat can help too! Chicken can be pressure cooked, grilled, sautéed, or baked. Never fried, though—that defeats the purpose.


With these readily available foods at your disposal, you can do away with heartburn easily!


4 Easy, Delicious Pre-Run Snacks

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Just like your treasured car or bike needs high-octane fuel to perform at its best, your body also performs better with the right nutrient-loaded meal.

When it comes to your early morning run, you also need qualities ‘easy to make’ and ‘tasty’ in addition to ‘loaded with nutrition’. That’s why we’ve put together this quick list of pre-run snacks that are as tasty to eat as they are easy to make.

Snack #1: Biscuits And Honey

Eat cookies like Marie biscuit with a teaspoon of honey for flavour. Loaded with carbs, you’ll have the energy you need for a sprint or intense training session.

stroopwafel original Dutch dessert surve with hot coffee on wood table top  background. Stroopwafel is traditional dessert of Honland country. Stroopwafel made from syrub dough

stroopwafel original Dutch dessert surve with hot coffee on wood table top background. Stroopwafel is traditional dessert of Honland country. Stroopwafel made from syrub dough

Snack #2: Banana And Peanut Butter

If you’re planning on running up to an hour or so, you’ll need something more substantial. The potassium and fluids from the banana keep you hydrated, and the nut butter supplies healthy fat and carbs for energy.


Snack #3: Energy Drink

A 500-ml sports drink can keep you hydrated and fuelled for an hour-long workout. Drink it before or during your run.

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Snack #4: Peanut Butter And Banana Whole Wheat Toast

All 3 ingredients fuel your workout with their carb content, and the potassium in the banana keeps you hydrated and protected from muscle cramps. Additionally, the peanut butter has protein to keep hunger away.


Use these simple snack ideas, and you won’t have to struggle before your next run!


3 Nuts That Are Great For You

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Nuts can be a little confusing—they are full of fat and calories, but most ‘healthy diet’ guidelines recommend that we eat them to stay lean and healthy. The key is that they are loaded with the right fats and nutrients, which our bodies need.

Aside from being so tasty, nuts can actually lower bad cholesterol, and lower your risk of diseases, even cancer. These nuts aren’t the most popular in India, so we thought we’d introduce them to you!



Although a little less popular in India, pecan nuts are low in calories (200 per serving), and supply you with fiber and over 19 vitamins and minerals. They are also renowned for their antioxidant property.

Plus, they’re really tasty in desserts like the classic pecan pie!




Praised as a nutrient-packed powerhouse, pistachios are rich in vitamin B6, copper and manganese. A Harvard study showed that eating nuts like pistachios can help you live longer. Another thing that makes pistachios good for you is that shelling them takes a while, which ensures that you don’t overeat .




These add a great flavour to everything from main course dishes to desserts, and are rich in fiber, copper, magnesium, vitamin E and thiamin. They help reduce dangerous LDL cholesterol. Proanthocyanidins, found in hazelnuts, have anti-inflammatory properties.


Say hello to these nuts, and goodbye to bad cholesterol and diseases!


4 Bachelor-Friendly Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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Recent news has made us all well aware that a nutritious breakfast is the key to a healthy life. However, what stops most of us is that these ‘super-healthy’ recipes always seem so hard to get right.

Well, these 4 recipes definitely aren’t hard. And they’re healthy too.

Recipe #1: Non-Sweet Oats And Egg

Instead of the usual milk & sugar combo, cook oats with salt, pepper and spices of your choice. Top this off with a tasty poached egg or omelette with some cheese on the side.

Healthy and easy, all in one.

crunchy flakes with blueberries and various yogurts for healthy breakfast

crunchy flakes with blueberries and various yogurts for healthy breakfast

Recipe #2: Quinoa-Enriched Fruit Salad

Fruit bowls are healthy and tasty, and you can add an extra dose of nutrition by adding quinoa grains. For flavor, add some honey and lime juice.


Recipe 3: Yogurt And Berry Powershake

Blend some frozen berries with Greek yogurt and a drink of your choice (coconut water, milk or a juice you like). You can freeze this overnight and thaw/blend it whenever you feel like having a refreshing, health-boosting drink.

Tip: you can use other frozen fruits like bananas instead of berries.



Recipe 4: Banana Nut Butter Chia Seed Toast

Like peanut butter toast sandwiches? Pack some more nutrition into them with half a sliced banana and sprinkle some super-healthy chia seeds over this.


All of these breakfasts are a great choice if you live alone, and need a quick, easy and yet healthy breakfast every day!


How To Stop Eating Junk Food

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Have you ever planned to eat better and get healthy, only to fail at the sight of potato chips in your friend’s hands? Junk food has a mysterious hold on all of us, doesn’t it?

Not anymore: here are 5 simple ways of getting rid of this familiar addiction!

Method #1: Load Up On Proteins

By getting more protein into your diet, you can curb your appetite. Proteins tend to make you feel fuller faster, and help you feel full longer.

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Method #2: Don’t Get (Too) Hungry

It’s not a good idea to starve yourself, if you later end up eating more because you feel ‘extra’ hungry. To make sure you don’t get too hungry, try to eat regular meals and have healthy snacks available all the time.

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Method #3: Keep Stress Away

When you are stressed, you tend to eat more. Also, you produce more cortisol, the hormone that is responsible for belly fat storage. This is especially true of women.

Take a break or two, and listen to some soothing music if your daily stress gets to you.

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Method #4: Get Some Sleep

Sleep deprivation and irregular sleeping habits can mess with hormone production in your body, causing you to feel hungry when you really aren’t. Counter this by regularly getting sleep.

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Method #5: Drink More Water

Often, we confuse our thirst for hunger and end up eating too much. If you drink a glass of water, you’ll know if it was real hunger or thirst. This way, you won’t eat more than you need too.

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Using these simple methods, you can keep junk food addiction at bay. Stay healthier and eat right with ease!



5 Reasons To Eat Chocolate Every Day!

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One more reason to indulge in some tasty, tasty chocolate would be great, wouldn’t it?

Well, how about 5 great reasons you should eat chocolate every day? That’s right, read on to learn how and why eating chocolate is great for your health!

It Helps With Weight Loss


In a recent clinical study conducted by the University of California, adults who eat chocolate regularly actually had a lower BMI than those who didn’t!

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It Could Help With Aging


The element cocoa flavanol in chocolate has been shown by recent studies to be helpful in reversing age-related cognitive issues.

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It Can Relieve Stress


A study put people in stressful situations like speaking to groups and job interviews. When people were given some dark chocolate to eat, they were less stressed than the others in the study.

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It Keeps Your Heart Healthy


Australian studies have shown that eating dark chocolate can relieve symptoms of hypertension, which is good news for your heart.

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It Can Help You Exercise


Dark chocolate can help you improve mitochondrial function, which boosts your energy and your capacity for working out.

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5 great reasons for one very tasty treat for every day!


Women’s Day | Women’s Health

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On the 8th of this month, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a commemoration of the women’s rights movement and a celebration of womanhood.

This set of simple tips is written for women, and is a collection of great tips on keeping yourself… well, fit and healthy!

Water, Water, Water


Water is an indispensable part of our lives; it simply has no equal when it comes to hydration and replenishing fluids in your body.


It’s Diet And Exercise, Not One Or The Other


Don’t pick one of the two, and ignore the other completely. The key to health is a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you mess this up; it’s okay. Simply start your diet-and-exercise again.


Don’t Completely Avoid Any Food Group


Make sure your diet includes lean proteins, calcium and healthy grains. Also add 1 fruit or vegetable per meal.


Checkups: Twice A Year


Make sure you visit your doctor once every 6 to 8 months, and get a full body health checkup done. Women-specific tests include pelvic exams, breast exams, and pap smears.


Break Your Fast Well


Think skipping breakfast is a good idea? Think again. Skipping breakfast is mostly never a good idea; eat fresh, organic food and stay away from processed foods.


Hit The Gym


Weights and lifting exercises aren’t just for men. With strength training, you can build some healthy muscle mass. Plus, lifting just puts you in a great mood; try it to find out!




Do this with a conscious approach: inhale, hold your breath, and then slowly release it, all the while focusing on what you’re doing. Repeat ten times to relax, unwind and freshen your mind.


Make Sure Finances Are In Good Shape


You might think what finance is doing in a piece about health and fitness; well-maintained finances ensure that you feel secure, unhassled, and in control of body and mind.

Successful business man with piggy bank holding thumbs up in office

Successful business man with piggy bank holding thumbs up in office

There you go! This 8th of March, embrace health and fitness with these 8 simple tips, trick and methods. And happy women’s day in advance!


Green Tea or Black Tea? Which one is better for you?

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It is fascinating to know that both green and black tea are extracted from the same plant, though the process of extraction of both the teas may not be similar.

In the case of green tea, their processing levels are lower while black tea undergoes a whole process of oxidation by fermentation.


Let’s begin with green tea and the whole range of benefits it offers.


  • Green tea is an antioxidant that helps fight cancer
  • It is extremely beneficial  for weight loss
  • It is good for the skin and also increases immunity
  • According to a study by National Cancer Institute,  green tea helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Now you might be curious about what black tea offers:


  • It enhances blood flow to the brain
  • It helps elevate energy level
  • It enhances focus and concentration
  • It helps prevent Parkinson’s disease (a progressive movement disorder).


Both types of tea make a healthful choice which is very good for the human body. It is always recommended, no matter which tea you favour, it must be consumed in moderation. You can limit your tea intake to 4-5 servings daily.




5 Great Reasons To Eat Spicy Food

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Spicy Indian food gets a bad rap: we see so many jokes about it on TV. But every Indian cook worth his/her salt knows that it’s about the best kind of food there is!

But there’s more to spicy food than tastiness. Eating masala-packed goodies actually gives you a host of health benefits. Read on to see what these are, and you’ll have more reasons to reach for that spice rack everyday!

Reason #1: They Boost Metabolism

Most spices have the ability to raise your metabolic resting state. Turmeric, a common ingredient in so many of our recipes, has actually been known to suppress fat tissue growth!


Reason #2: Spicy Food Is A Micro-Workout

Did you know that, just by eating spicy food can actually help you burn calories. Thermogenic (heat-generating) properties of chillies can burn calories for up to 20 minutes after a meal.


Reason #3: Fights Cancer

Capsaicin, a component of chillies, actually helps your body fight cancerous cells. Turmeric is also known to slow the spread of cancer, and reduce cancerous tumors.


Reason 4: Improves Heart Health

Studies have repeatedly proven how cultures that eat a lot of spicy food (like ours) tend to have lower heart attacks and strokes. This may be because capsaicin (see reason 3) can reduce the effects of LDL, a bad cholesterol.

Korean instant noodles Spicy instant noodles

Reason #5: You’ll Feel Good

Even as you’re eating delicious spicy food, your body produces higher quantities of feel-good hormones like serotonin. No wonder your mood is so good when you eat some delightful biryani!

mutton biryani-620

That wraps it up, 5 absolutely great reasons why you should keep eating finger-licking, lip-snacking spicy food. Just exercise common sense with the quantities, and you’ll reap the benefits alone.


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