Say Hi To HIIT: 5 Circuits To Extreme Fitness

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HIIT, also called the sprint interval training is a type of interval training that is done with short periods of anaerobic exercises with short intervals of rest between the exercises. HIIT mainly targets the cardio-vascular tissues and adopting this strategy inevitably results in fat loss.


Here are 5 HIIT circuits that help in incinerating your fat and increase your fitness and strength:


#1  The starter`s Guide Workout:


`Every champion was once a starter who refused to give up.`

  •         30 seconds sprint then 40 seconds brisk walk. Repeat 10 times.

Note: The rest period between the sets is 15 seconds.

side view of a couple walking on the beach

side view of a couple walking on the beach

#2  The Anytime, Anywhere workout:

`Look in the mirror. Now that’s your competition.`

  •         40 Squat Jumps
  •         20 Push Ups
  •         30 Jumping Jacks
  •         10 Triceps Dips
  •         10 Burpees
  •         30 Seconds Front Plank

Note: The rest period between the sets is 30-45 seconds. Repeat the workout 3-5 times.

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#3  The Dumbbell Blaster workout:


`Excuses don’t burn calories.’

  •         Dumbbell Squat to Press
  •         Dumbbell Single-Leg RDL to Row
  •         Burpees
  •         Lateral Bound
  •         Dumbbell Overhead Sit-Up

Note: Repeat the circuit for 5 times with a rest period of 30 seconds. Each exercise has to have 12-15 reps.

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#4  The Warrior`s Way workout:


`What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.`


  •         Battle ropes (30 seconds)


  •         Wide-grip pull-ups (12 reps)


  •         Bar dips (12 reps)


  •         Close-grip push-ups (20 reps)


  •         Alternating bodyweight lunges (12 reps)


  •         Standing barbell press (12 reps)


  •         Bicycle crunch (15 reps)


Note: repeat the workout 3-5 times with a rest period of 45 seconds to 1 minute rest period.




#5  The Ultimate Torcher workout:


`If you still look cute at the end of your workout, then you didn`t train hard enough.`


  •         400 meter sprint


  •         100 chin-ups


  •         100 burpees with full pushups


  •         400 meter sprint


Note: Good luck with your survival!!


HIIT workouts usually last only 30-45 minutes. Spending this time on your body, not just develops you physically, but also mentally. Adopt any of these circuits and get fitter, stronger and have a healthy lifestyle. In case you feel like quitting, remember the reason you started doing this.

6 Great Exercises Hiding In Domestic Activities

FitnessThrough Housework

In this fast-paced world, finding time exclusively for exercising is very difficult. People, especially the working class, cannot  devote time after their daily routine.


Many of our day to day activities have a fitness element to them. Knowingly or unknowingly, doing these activities meticulously, will increase the levels of fitness of any individual.


#1  ‘Cooking?’

‘Just a hobby.’

Cooking is a hobby for many but a routine for a few. Cooking`s exercise perspective is seen when a person stirs or cuts vegetables to prepare a dish.


Chopping of vegetables increases the strength of the fingers. It not only emphasizes on the physical health but also the mental health of a person as he or she has to be having the same precision levels throughout the chopping process.



#2  ‘Washing vessels?!

(Definitely, not my first choice)

Cleaning vessels or in other words, dishwashing, is one other exercise that unknowingly plays an important role in the health aspect of humans. Dishwashing, emphasizes on the grip and arm strength of a person. Doing this activity has a pronounced effect on the strength of the wrists and the strength of the arms

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#3   ‘Your room is dirty’

‘It’s fine the way it is, mom!’

Sweeping, often hated by most people, is one of the important household activities that can transform the fitness of an individual to a whole new level. It not only increases the flexibility of the person but also his or her strength.


While the bending and stretching part of the activity focus on the flexibility, the movement of the arms focuses on the strength of the arms and the shoulders. In addition to this, while sweeping low or hard to reach places, the legs are stretched making it a whole body functional workout.


Mopping the floor is yet another activity with an exercise background to it. It is a whole body exercise. In addition to this, it also focuses on the strength of the wrists and fingers predominantly while squeezing the head of the mop.

Indian woman cleaning table-square


#4  ‘I am going to use the lift. I don’t want to climb 2 floors’

Climbing stairs is the perfect example of a cardiovascular exercise one can do daily. It works mainly on the lower body. The body becomes more stable and it activity enhances fat loss.


#5  ‘I buy wrinkle free clothes all the time. It saves so much time’

Ironing is an equivalent of weight training for the upper body. If the hands are changed periodically, then this serves as a perfect workout for the arms.

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It is therefore sufficient to do the daily chores to stay in shape. You end up becoming fitter while getting the satisfaction that your task list is clear!

What Goes Into A Crossfit Gym Bag

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Welcome to the world of WOD, double unders, PRs and thrusters. If you haven’t realized already, we’re talking about the world of Crossfit.

“So What Is Crossfit?”

This is a whole other level of fitness training, especially if you ask dedicated Crossfitters. Using a combination of lifting, sprinting and other such activities, you can work your way to being an all-round fitness pro.

When you do, though, you’ll need the following gear in your gym bag.

Gear #1: Athletes, Tape It Up!

Athlete’s tape is the one piece of Crossfit gear we would recommend, if we had to recommend a single piece of gear.

Why? Ask every person who started Crossfit without it. Pull ups are often hard on your sensitive palms, and athletic tape can help prevent this painful chafing. While it is true that you eventually develop harder, callused hands, it’s best to start out with a roll of athletic tape in your gym bag.



Gear #2: Hello, Double Unders

Two words: double unders.

This is when you get the jump rope to pass twice under your feet even as you complete a single jump. Notoriously hard to accomplish with regular jump rope, you’ll see that speed rope can help you complete DUs like a seasoned pro.


Gear #3: A Weight Belt, For The Heavy Stuff

There are some people who dip their toes into Crossfit waters. And there are others whose game is to P-R it up every time they step into the gym. If you’re part of the latter (and we recommend that you be), you’ll need a weight belt.

The key to lifting heavier and heavier weights is to put pressure on your core. A weight belt gives you a hand at doing just that.


Gear #4: Oh Myofascial God!

Remember that positively orgasm-inducing scalp massager you have lying around at home?

Try this. Take a foam roller, and roll it over tightened muscles (trigger points). You’ll experience myofascial release, which is the medical term for the full-body equivalent of those quivers of bliss that a scalp massager gives.


Reason enough to buy it? We certainly think so, and you’ll be nodding vigorously once you get your hands on one of these.


The Best High Energy Tunes To Work Out To

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“So what’s your workout jam?” “What’s on your workout playlist for leg day?” “What do you listen to when you jog your daily 5K?”

All familiar questions if you follow any semblance of a regular workout routine. From cardio freaks to marathon runner wannabes and gym rats, music helps you take your workout au choix to the next level. It pumps up your heart rate and boosts your mental motivation during a training session. It also distracts you from pain and fatigue, and helps reduce the amount of energy you perceive yourself exerting. In fact, a 2012 study claims that music is like a legal performance-enhancing drug.

Which music works best, though?

While there’s no one right answer, we take a look at a few of the tunes that dominate core-engaging, sweat-inducing and motivation-boosting playlists of fitness enthusiasts.

Track #1: ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem

The rapper who gave us the quintessential ‘underdog rising’ theme, complete with sweaty palms and bomb dropping, gave us another motivational gym in this powerful track.

‘Till I Collapse’ might be bad advice if you take it literally, but it can certainly help when you’re pushing through negative motivation on your early morning jog. It’s also great for when you’re dragging your sleepy body to the gym, spurring you into a high-intensity workout.

Once dubbed the “ultimate workout song” by gym going experts, “Till I Collapse” has aged gracefully. It’s still popular in gym playlists, motivating people to give it every last drop of effort they can.


Track #2: “Energy” by Drake

If you’ve ever started a fitness routine and sustained it, you’ll know that the key is winning the mental battle against complacency, tired limbs and plain laziness.

That’s where Drake’s ‘Energy’ can help you out. The Canadian singer/actor/rapper may be most known for smoothly crooned tunes like Hotline Bling, but the aptly named ‘Energy’ is gym and running soundtrack gold.

If Drake’s lyrics don’t offend you, they’re sure to get your blood pumping. If lyrics boost your workout more than “trivial” details like bass thumping and BPM do, ‘Started From The Bottom’ is the track for you.


Track #3: “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna

Trust Ri-Ri to deliver the high energy goods.

‘Don’t Stop The Music’ is sort of like an energy shake for your mental motivation. It is an up tempo, synth-heavy track that justifies its ‘heavy’ tag, and then some. Sample embellishments from Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” are a great fit for this Euroclub-inspired workout banger.

8581742 Semi-Exclusive... "Disturbia" singer Rihanna knows how to relax while vacationing in Hawaii on January 15, 2012. Rihanna rolled herself a blunt and smoked it while lounging on a chair in the bright Hawaiian sun! She even tweeted about it, saying "Kush rolled, glass full... I prefer the better things!" She certainly does!  FameFlynet, Inc. - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a walk, a jog, a weight-training session, or a cycling trip: it’s all about the energy, and this track delivers the goods.

Agree with this list? Disagree? Have some suggestions? Let us know in the comments section!


5 Great Apps To Spur Your Fitness Routine

It’s an all-too-familiar cycle. You regret your weight, look at someone’s inspiring fitness routine, decide to start your own, actually start, and *whoosh* then give up. If you’re nodding already, you’re probably very familiar with this routine.

But what if something could help you break the cycle? Even better, what if this motivator could fit right into your hand – on your smartphone? Here are 5 great apps that will inspire you to start a fitness routine, and keep at it.

App #1: Seven

Got very little time to spare in your busy, busy life for a workout? Seven is the answer—the app AND the number of minutes you need!

You won’t need any equipment either. Seven teaches you a number of workouts that can fit into 420 seconds each day, and how to perform them right.

App #2: Motigo

Say you’re running your first 5K, and your friends can’t be part of it to give you that motivational boost you need. With Motigo, you don’t need them.

Motigo brings personalized motivation audio messages right into your ear. Simply let the app know your event has started, and prepare for a flow of encouraging messages from loved ones as you run/cycle your way to the top.

App #3: Sweat With Kayla

Kayla is an Australian fitness trainer, author and entrepreneur. And she can become your fitness coach through a simple app download!

Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides have garnered her a massive 4 million-strong following on Instagram. With Sweat With Kayla, you get access to a series of effective 28-minute workouts, daily menus and tailored fitness recipes.

App #4: DietBet

Dietbet works by getting you to put your money where your weight-loss-bragging mouth is. You actually wager a bet on your fitness goals.

Here’s how it works: there are 4-week, 6-month, or 12-month ‘pots’, where people pool wager money on set fitness goals. If you hit said goal, you get to split the pot with fellow pact keepers!

A communal pot means that users who reach their goals actually make sweet money, while those who don’t, lose it. Better inspiration will be hard to come by, we daresay.

App #5: PulseTread

A common problem: you pack your kit, get into workout clothes, and head to the gym. And then realize you don’t know which equipment to choose/use.

PulseTread steps in, sending you a fresh 30-minute workout for every day of the week. This trainer-style app helps you out with info from people like Katie Holmes’ personal fitness mentor.

There, that should persuade you to get started on the fitness routine you keep pushing away. Install one of these apps, start one AND keep at it.



5 things you should never do after a workout

We invest a lot of time and effort into working out – however it is not just the pre-workout and the workout that is important, it is also what you do after! There are some things that people tend to do after a workout but these are complete no-nos and negate the value of a good workout.

Here are the top 5 habits that you should avoid after a workout:

1.Not giving importance to stretches

Warm-up and cool down is as essential to your workout as your workout itself. Unless you stretch well and give enough importance to your cool-down you are setting yourself up for a bad workout the day after. Ensure that you include as a part of your routine, a good cool-down schedule.


2. Eating Junk

Everyone feels like they deserve a treat after a workout – ensure you don’t go overboard! People have the tendency to gorge on food and overeat after a workout. However, make sure that you don’t negate the effects of a good workout by over indulging.


3. Not eating enough

The opposite holds good too – in an attempt to diet, don’t limit your food intake! You need a good amount of nutrition to stay fit and healthy and it is essential you eat this to be ready for your next workout. Ensure you include an optimum mix of healthy foods in your diet.


4.Not drinking enough water

Drinking optimum amount of water is critical – there is a host of health benefits that water brings to us but the most important one has to be that it keeps us hydrated. While working out, your body loses a lot of water and it is essential that you replenish your body with adequate water.


5.Not getting enough sleep

This is something most people ignore – in a rush to get up and work out and get things moving we forget that adequate sleep, in fact, is a very important aspect of a good lifestyle. If you are compromising on sleep to get enough workout, you are doing it wrong! Getting enough sleep is critical for your lifestyle and is something that will help you perform better at your workouts and stay fit.




Travel-Friendly Workout Plans

Travel is often one big reason for people to slack from working out. Ask anyone why they missed a workout, forgot to diet or did not go for that early morning run, they would cite travel as a reason.

The thing about travel is that it is not just during the days when you are travelling, it is also on days before and after your travel that people tend to become inactive. However, travel does not have to hamper with your fitness routine. Here are 5 quick ways in which you can exercise while you are travelling.

1.Make Time For Workouts

While planning to travel somewhere, there are a lot of things we plan in advance. Why shouldn’t workouts be one of it? When you are planning your itinerary, make sure that you consciously include some time for your fitness goals.

2.Checkout Local Fitness Classes

Many places have the option of attending fitness classes for a day or two or even a week. Depending on your schedule, choose something that the place you are travelling to is known for. It could be yoga or a Zumba class that the city is known for – make sure you make the most of it!

3.Working out in the hotel

Many hotels have excellent facilities for you to work out – Whether it is the hotel gym or a spacious hotel room, you always have the option of working out first thing in the morning. Head to your hotel gym or simply carry a yoga mat with you and do your exercises in the room.


What better way to see the new city you are in than going for a run? Not only is it a great way to stay fit during travel but you also get to go around a new city at no cost!

5.Stay Motivated

Let’s face it – with travel, there are a million different things to do and it is very hard to make the workout a priority. Ensure that you set some ground rules for yourself. It could be something as simple as making a commitment that you will not go without a workout for more than 2 days at a stretch. These kinds of simple commitments help you stay on track and also helps keep your motivation in check!

How to become an early morning workout person?

The biggest constraint most people have with exercise is that they just cannot wake up early. It is often difficult to work out in the evenings; there are things that stop you from working out – traffic, work stress, laziness or just simply because you have a social event to go to. The best way to tackle this is to keep exercise as the first thing in the morning and make it a routine.

However, if you are someone who reaches out for the snooze button even before the alarm goes off, here are a few things that can help:

1.Sleep early

This is a no-brainer! If you want to wake up early, you need to sleep early and ensure that you are not awake late. Staying up and using gadgets tires you and inhibits you from having a fresh early start. Try to switch off all your gadgets and sleep at least an hour earlier than you would.


2.Pack your workout clothes the night before

Ensure you pack your workout clothes, water bottle and anything else you might need for a morning workout well in advance. This helps your mind to adjust to the fact that you have a class to go to. What is even better? You don’t have to pick out your clothes in a half sleepy state!

3.Set two alarms

Set two alarms and keep them away from the bed and away from each other! This is some serious work for anyone who refuses to wake up in the morning. If you keep your alarm near your bed, you have the tendency to hit snooze and go back to sleep. However, getting up and walking to your alarm gives you that extra chance to wake up and get on with the day.

4.Keep breakfast ready

For most people, it is not just about waking up but it is also about the list of tasks they have to do once they wake up. By keeping breakfast ready, you have something to look forward to when you wake up and you know that one of your tasks is already done. Keep your pre-workout smoothie ready and in place to give you that extra motivation to jump out of bed!



Simple Workouts To Get Toned Arms

Who does not want to get toned arms? Ask anyone who is exercising or joining a fitness program and their main concerns would be to get either a flat belly or toned arms. However, just because everyone wishes, it is not necessarily a very easy thing. Getting toned arms

Getting toned arms requires one to do specific exercises along with their usual cardio or strength training routine.Remember that by just doing these exercises you will not encourage spot reduction but by adding these exercises to your routine, you give yourself a great shot at getting toned arms.

Before starting your arm exercises always do simple arm circles that will give you a quick warm up. Stand with your feet apart and extend your arms on both sides Make sure you are relaxed and keep your shoulders down as you do 20 small backward circles. Now repeat this with forward circles.

Once you have done this, you can follow the exercises below.

Here are 3 simple exercises that will help you get toned arms.


1. Shoulder press

  • Stand similar to how you were standing for the arm circle, except this time hold a dumbbell.
  • The weight of the dumbbell depends on what you are comfortable with.
  • Now bring both your arms together above your head and then bring the arms back to the sides.
  • This is called the overhead press and make sure your elbows are bent when you are doing this to promote comfort.


2. Bicep Curl

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees bent.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms straight to your sides.
  • Contract your bicep to bring the right dumbbell up and then repeat this with the other hand.

3. Plank

An exercise done without the help of weights, this one is great for getting toned arms.

  • Position your body horizontal to the ground like you would do for a push-up and stay in the same position for as long as you can.
  • Since your arms are the muscle you use to stay in this posture, it is a great workout for getting toned arms.


References exercises/

What to do when you are not working out?

Are you someone who workouts regularly? If you answered yes to that, you have already done most of the task right. However, sometimes, in the excitement to be working out, people often forget that they need to give their bodies a break.

Our bodies are a lot like machines and overworking them is as bad as not using them at all. This is why most places recommend that you take one day from your workout off to relax and rejuvenate.

When people take a day off from their workout, they often end up feeling guilty and negative – DON’T!

These breaks from your workout are something you most definitely deserve and needless to say, there is no need to feel guilty!

Here are a few other things you can do on your rest days to help you prepare better for your workouts.

1. Plan

What better than going back to the drawing board on the days you don’t have to work out? This day can be the perfect day to assess your plans, see where you are lacking and plan well in advance for the week ahead.



Maybe you are not stretching enough during your workout days – now is the perfect time to stretch and devote time to help your body get better!


3.Foam Roller

On rest days, using a foam roller to help relax your tight muscles can really make you ready for the next few days ahead.



A break from workout means pampering your body – it could be a professional massage or a simple hot tub treatment! Do whatever makes you feel alive and kicking for the next workout.



A rest day is meant to give you a break from strenuous exercise – this does not mean that you cannot do ANY exercise. Do go for a simple relaxing stroll to keep the momentum going.



Not working out is not an excuse to cut out on the good nutrition or water. Ensure you drink enough water and follow your healthy diet to compensate for not working out.


This is the perfect day to catch up on all the sleep you might be missing because of your workouts. Ensure you get enough sleep so that you are awake and rejuvenated for the next workout day!

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