The 3 Best Workouts For Children At Home

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In India, today is the day we celebrate children all over the country. Even as we cherish the precious ‘junior’ members of our families, there’s an increasing concern about their fitness.

Children are increasingly becoming both unfit and unhealthy. The increasing number of cases of child obesity, and lifestyle diseases, underline this fact. We need to do something about this, or we’ll be letting our children lose the health and wellness they deserve.

These 3 workouts are a step in the right direction. What’s great about them is that you can do them all at home. No gym/equipment required!

Workout #1: Push Ups

What do US Navy SEALs and your child have in common? Well if your kid tries, push-ups, that’s one thing!

Like the rest of the workouts on this list, the push up is highly effective, and requires little to no equipment. Start by lying face down and placing your hands a little wider than a shoulder width apart. Steadily lower yourself, keeping your form correct. That means that your head, shoulders, and butt are all in one straight line.

With pushups, it’s all about maintaining good form; you burn considerable energy, and an improper form can cause damage.

Training athletic boy

Workout #2: Ab Crunches

Also called curl-ups because you curl up your chest towards your knees. You start by lying in a face-upwards position, keeping your knees bent so that your heels are quite close to your buttocks.

Then, bring your shoulders up and towards your knees.

Ab crunches have two-fold benefits. They help your abs get proper definition, and also increase your core strength.


Workout #3: Squats

Simple, and once your children get through the initial ‘finding it tough’ stage, they’ll find it fun. Squats are often the workout of choice of every type of exerciser: gym freaks, athletes, bodybuilders, power lifters, sprinters, novices, pros, everyone.

How you do them: the starting position is to stand with your legs set about shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself in a deep knee bend, keeping your entire body upwards of your buttocks in a firm vertical line.

Imagine yourself sitting on an invisible box between and slightly behind your legs: that’s the best form for a squat.

c700x420 (1)

With these three exercises (done with the right form, with an adult supervising), you can start your child on the path to fitness right at home. You won’t need any equipment either!


Learn How To Make Calorie Counting Work For You

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When the words ‘weight loss’ and ‘effortless’ come together, you probably sit up straight and pay attention. Who wouldn’t like to lose weight without putting too much work into it? Well, calorie counting is known to do just that.

Even so, calorie counting has its naysayers too. Some people claim that calorie counting by itself doesn’t do too much. We agree.

Here’s what you need to know to make this work for you. Easily.

First Things First: How Does It Work?

A calorie is science-speak for the amount of energy you need to raise the temperature of a liter of water by 1°C. All the food you eat supplies you with a certain amount of energy, which is measured as a number of calories.

The calories that you don’t use for activities like breathing, walking, running and talking? These get stored as fat. When they add up, this is what causes weight gain.

Calorie counting to lose weight simply means that you eat less calories than you spend, making yourself lose weight over time.

Best Practice Methods

When you count calories, you’ll need to get into the nitty gritty details. Monitor the number of calories you consume on an average, and how much you burn on a daily basis. Be careful with the size of portions and servings at meals; a whole grain roti might mean less calories, but too many and you’ll end up overloading the calorie scale.

Another key to success with calorie counting: keep track of your weight loss/gain. Weigh yourself on an empty stomach each morning, and watch the trend. This is how you’ll know which way the calories in / calories out balance is tipped.

A food journal also makes sense, for the same reason.

Another best practice when it comes to weight loss: measure your exercise efforts in terms of calories burned, and not the number of steps, or your heart rate. This way, you’ll have a realistic idea of your calorie balance.


Tips For Success

Quality over quantity: the lesser the calories, the more likely you are to lose weight. But exercise logic: the effect of 100 calories of vegetables on your body is going to be better than the effect of 100 calories of aloo tikki, for instance.

Make sure you get most of your nutrition from high quality plants and animals that have undergone the minimal amount of processing. This way, calorie counting actually becomes easier.

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Make calorie counting work for you by using the right knowledge. These tips should put you on the right path!


Why You Should Consider Boxing For Fitness?

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Boxing, one of the trends in fitness that’s almost always popular. It is certainly an effective workout (science says so), and you probably get to know how much fun it is to punch stuff. If that’s not enough to persuade you to add boxing to your plan, these five benefits will have you itching to start this workout.


1.Boxing is a total body workout


During a boxing workout, your upper body, lower body may engage as you punch or kick the bag. In addition to boosting energy it also improves your total body fitness.



  1. Boxing can burn an insane amount of calories

The effect of boxing can be well worth an hour of your time. It is the type of exercise that builds energy, speed, and power, and boost your endurance. Boxing burns anywhere from 600-1500 calories per hour for an adult, depending on weight and technique of boxing. So, compared to running or pedalling at a steady clip, boxing burns more calories in a short time.

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  1. Boxing knocks out stress


All of that frustration from work, take it out on the bag. Punching the heavy bag releases all of that pent up aggressiveness and allows you to relieve your stress through a healthy outlet.


4. Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

You hear it all the time: You need to do cardio to look after your heart. But “doing cardio” does not mean that you have to hop on a treadmill to log your required minutes. You can keep your heart rate up during the workout by punching, kicking and jumping your way to feel hale and hearty.


  1. Self-Defense


Boxing improves your courage and confidence. It is presumed that using boxing as a way can empower women, youth, and other people groups. Especially for women, boxing skills can be used as self defense technique during the event of an attack.

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Incase you’re looking to build strength, lose weight, or even step into a competition ring, you should find a fitness center near you and give it a shot because it is well worth your time.



Weight Loss Wars Q&A: Cardio Vs. Weight Training

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Hi! If you’ve worked out or at least thought about it, you’ve probably seen that there are two major schools of thought on weight loss through exercise: strength training, and cardio.

Cardio, so called because it improves heart health by challenging it, involves running, jumping, swimming and cycling. It is generally considered relatively low intensity. Strength training includes heavier intensity workouts using bodyweight exercises, or (more commonly) weight training. Since it involves higher intensity activities that challenge the various muscles in your body, it is also called resistance training.

So, if you’re looking to reduce weight, which should you go for? Read this Q&A-style article to find out!

Question 1: Which Of These Is Key To Weight Loss?

First things first. Neither cardio nor strength training can do anything significant for your weight loss, unless they are coupled with a kickass diet.

In fact, what you eat actually contributes to 80-90% of your weight loss. Cut down on calories, cut out all junk food, and start eating healthy food like veggies, fruits and lean meats. Whatever your weight loss plan, have a sturdy nutritional plan in place.


Question 2: “I’m Starting Out. Which Should I Try First?

The answer certainly seems to be cardio. It’s easy, you don’t need any specialized equipment, and you can do cardio pretty much anywhere: no gym necessary.

The mechanics of weight loss are pretty simple: you burn more calories than you eat. A 5km run can burn about 300 calories. That’s how much you eat in a small-to-medium sized lunch. Ninety percent of people on weight loss regimens do simple cardio: 1 hour of walking everyday.

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Question 3: “So Why Even Lift Weights At All?”

Well, consider this stat: in a comparative weight loss study, people who tried resistance training for 12 weeks lost up to 50% more fat than people on an aerobics or diet plan.

Strength training may make for a slightly less calorie-burning workout than cardio, but here’s the secret: training with weights can speed up metabolism. How? Resistance training actually breaks them down; as you naturally build them back up through the rest of the day, you actually burn some ‘bonus’ calories.

And that’s a significant amount.

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Question 4: “Okay, So What Do I Do?”

In a strict head-to-head, cardio seems to have the slight edge when it comes specifically to losing weight.

The best thing for you? Experts suggest a combination of diet, cardio, and weights-based resistance training. Let the cardio support your weight-training regimen, and you should see results very quickly.


5 Great Reasons Why You Should Give Crossfit A Shot

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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Give Crossfit A Shot

You might have heard of Crossfit: the fitness sensation that’s sweeping across the globe. Using a combination of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and core-strengthening exercises, Crossfitting has truly revolutionized our approach to fitness and strength training.

Boxes (Crossfit gyms) are being set up all over the country.

Is there a reason behind the craze, or is it just another fitness fad that comes, impresses and then fades into nothing. We think Crossfit is certainly here to stay: here are 5 reasons why.

Reason #1: You Build Cardiovascular Fitness

It’s 2017, and most of the world is busy clogging their arteries with junk food and an appalling attitude to fitness. If you’re a part of the minority that have dedicated their lives to better health, Crossfit is definitely an option you should consider.

Research shows clearly how high-intensity Crossfit interval training sessions are much better than traditional endurance training.



Reason #2: Results Come Faster

That’s right: with Crossfit’s high intensity training programs, you’ll see results a lot faster than with traditional low or moderate intensity exercises.

What’s more, studies have shown that you’re much more likely to enjoy a group-based program like Crossfit. You’re more likely to keep at it too. Especially considering that you’ll see improvements in body composition much quicker.

Female showing how much weight she has lost by wearing her old jeans that are sizes too big

Reason #3: Crossfit Builds Confidence

Imagine yourself doing your first pull-up. If you haven’t already done it, this is a great boost for your confidence.

A number of Crossfitters recall the first time they were able to perform a particularly difficult or challenging movement. This gave them all some solid motivation to keep at their Crossfit journey. A motivated person is obviously more likely to hit results faster.


Reason #4: You Achieve Measurable Results

Crossfit is a modern fitness phenomenon, and that means it has a lot of fun experiences to offer you. Consider the benchmarks: they’re mostly named after girls, for some reason!

A benchmark workout called ‘Cindy’: a set of five pull-ups, ten push-ups and 15 squats. The goal is to do as many rounds of ‘Cindy’ as you can in 20 minutes. As a beginner, you might wheeze through 2 or maybe 3 sets.

A year down the line, you’ll be pulling off more rounds with ease. That’s an improvement you can measure!

Reason #5: You Perform Better At Your Sport Of Choice

Crossfit programs are designed to improve your overall fitness, strength and performance ability. This means a markedly improve performance in any sport you choose.

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The list of reasons to try Crossfit is much longer than this short list, but this should give you a good idea of the benefits it offers.


7 Ways To Build Up Your Stamina

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If only there was a way you could push yourself just a little beyond your limits, that would be great, right?

But that’s a big if!

Well, the good news is that there are ways you can increase your stamina, and go beyond your current peak. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get in shape, prepare for a marathon, or take things up a notch in the gym.

These methods work for all these purposes.

Method #1: Get Some Carbs In

If that sentence immediately raised some red flags, we understand. It does go against a number of weight loss mantras. However, loading up on some quick-to-digest carbs can give you the energy you need in your fitness routine.

Instead of packing on calories around your midsection, a bowl of whole wheat pasta or a multi-grain cereal can boost your workout routine, allowing you to push yourself a little further!


Method #2: Get Enough Rest!

That’s right. In an article about increasing your stamina, we’ve talked about eating pasta and sleeping—in the first and second points, no less!

Because rest is as important as a good exercise routine. Sleep boosts energy levels, and refreshes you. This means you perform better at physical activity.


Method #3: (For Pros) Reduce “Down Time” Between Workout Sets

In a workout setting—whether it’s cardio, weight training, or athletic training—reducing the breaks you take between bursts of activity can improve stamina.

Normally, we take anywhere from half a minute to 90 seconds. The goal is to pause workouts only when you absolutely have to.

Method #4: (For Newbies) Take Up A Sport You Like

If you’re just getting into exercise and fitness, here’s a tip: instead of heading to a gym right away, try getting into a sport you like. You’ll be doing something you like, and burn a lot more calories when you’re not consciously forcing yourself into movement.


Method #5: Water, Water, Every…day

Drinking water is key to much more than losing weight and looking good, actually enriching your cells and keeping them healthy. Hydrate throughout the day, and your muscles will be refreshed, healthy and enriched.

And that’s key to maintaining stamina levels.


Method #6: No Smoking, Please

Two words: healthy lungs.


Method #7: Keep Yourself Motivated

We often overlook the mind factor when it comes to fitness, but keeping yourself in a good place (mentally) is pretty important.

Use music that gets your blood pumping. Work out with a partner. Whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated and working out even when situations aren’t ideal.


These 7 simple ways should help you boost your stamina, and take things to the next level! Got any of your own? Let us know in the comments section on Facebook.


Say Hi To HIIT: 5 Circuits To Extreme Fitness

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HIIT, also called the sprint interval training is a type of interval training that is done with short periods of anaerobic exercises with short intervals of rest between the exercises. HIIT mainly targets the cardio-vascular tissues and adopting this strategy inevitably results in fat loss.


Here are 5 HIIT circuits that help in incinerating your fat and increase your fitness and strength:


#1  The starter`s Guide Workout:


`Every champion was once a starter who refused to give up.`

  •         30 seconds sprint then 40 seconds brisk walk. Repeat 10 times.

Note: The rest period between the sets is 15 seconds.

side view of a couple walking on the beach

side view of a couple walking on the beach

#2  The Anytime, Anywhere workout:

`Look in the mirror. Now that’s your competition.`

  •         40 Squat Jumps
  •         20 Push Ups
  •         30 Jumping Jacks
  •         10 Triceps Dips
  •         10 Burpees
  •         30 Seconds Front Plank

Note: The rest period between the sets is 30-45 seconds. Repeat the workout 3-5 times.

images (13)


#3  The Dumbbell Blaster workout:


`Excuses don’t burn calories.’

  •         Dumbbell Squat to Press
  •         Dumbbell Single-Leg RDL to Row
  •         Burpees
  •         Lateral Bound
  •         Dumbbell Overhead Sit-Up

Note: Repeat the circuit for 5 times with a rest period of 30 seconds. Each exercise has to have 12-15 reps.

images (14)

#4  The Warrior`s Way workout:


`What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.`


  •         Battle ropes (30 seconds)


  •         Wide-grip pull-ups (12 reps)


  •         Bar dips (12 reps)


  •         Close-grip push-ups (20 reps)


  •         Alternating bodyweight lunges (12 reps)


  •         Standing barbell press (12 reps)


  •         Bicycle crunch (15 reps)


Note: repeat the workout 3-5 times with a rest period of 45 seconds to 1 minute rest period.




#5  The Ultimate Torcher workout:


`If you still look cute at the end of your workout, then you didn`t train hard enough.`


  •         400 meter sprint


  •         100 chin-ups


  •         100 burpees with full pushups


  •         400 meter sprint


Note: Good luck with your survival!!


HIIT workouts usually last only 30-45 minutes. Spending this time on your body, not just develops you physically, but also mentally. Adopt any of these circuits and get fitter, stronger and have a healthy lifestyle. In case you feel like quitting, remember the reason you started doing this.

6 Great Exercises Hiding In Domestic Activities

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In this fast-paced world, finding time exclusively for exercising is very difficult. People, especially the working class, cannot  devote time after their daily routine.


Many of our day to day activities have a fitness element to them. Knowingly or unknowingly, doing these activities meticulously, will increase the levels of fitness of any individual.


#1  ‘Cooking?’

‘Just a hobby.’

Cooking is a hobby for many but a routine for a few. Cooking`s exercise perspective is seen when a person stirs or cuts vegetables to prepare a dish.


Chopping of vegetables increases the strength of the fingers. It not only emphasizes on the physical health but also the mental health of a person as he or she has to be having the same precision levels throughout the chopping process.



#2  ‘Washing vessels?!

(Definitely, not my first choice)

Cleaning vessels or in other words, dishwashing, is one other exercise that unknowingly plays an important role in the health aspect of humans. Dishwashing, emphasizes on the grip and arm strength of a person. Doing this activity has a pronounced effect on the strength of the wrists and the strength of the arms

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#3   ‘Your room is dirty’

‘It’s fine the way it is, mom!’

Sweeping, often hated by most people, is one of the important household activities that can transform the fitness of an individual to a whole new level. It not only increases the flexibility of the person but also his or her strength.


While the bending and stretching part of the activity focus on the flexibility, the movement of the arms focuses on the strength of the arms and the shoulders. In addition to this, while sweeping low or hard to reach places, the legs are stretched making it a whole body functional workout.


Mopping the floor is yet another activity with an exercise background to it. It is a whole body exercise. In addition to this, it also focuses on the strength of the wrists and fingers predominantly while squeezing the head of the mop.

Indian woman cleaning table-square


#4  ‘I am going to use the lift. I don’t want to climb 2 floors’

Climbing stairs is the perfect example of a cardiovascular exercise one can do daily. It works mainly on the lower body. The body becomes more stable and it activity enhances fat loss.


#5  ‘I buy wrinkle free clothes all the time. It saves so much time’

Ironing is an equivalent of weight training for the upper body. If the hands are changed periodically, then this serves as a perfect workout for the arms.

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It is therefore sufficient to do the daily chores to stay in shape. You end up becoming fitter while getting the satisfaction that your task list is clear!

What Goes Into A Crossfit Gym Bag

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Welcome to the world of WOD, double unders, PRs and thrusters. If you haven’t realized already, we’re talking about the world of Crossfit.

“So What Is Crossfit?”

This is a whole other level of fitness training, especially if you ask dedicated Crossfitters. Using a combination of lifting, sprinting and other such activities, you can work your way to being an all-round fitness pro.

When you do, though, you’ll need the following gear in your gym bag.

Gear #1: Athletes, Tape It Up!

Athlete’s tape is the one piece of Crossfit gear we would recommend, if we had to recommend a single piece of gear.

Why? Ask every person who started Crossfit without it. Pull ups are often hard on your sensitive palms, and athletic tape can help prevent this painful chafing. While it is true that you eventually develop harder, callused hands, it’s best to start out with a roll of athletic tape in your gym bag.



Gear #2: Hello, Double Unders

Two words: double unders.

This is when you get the jump rope to pass twice under your feet even as you complete a single jump. Notoriously hard to accomplish with regular jump rope, you’ll see that speed rope can help you complete DUs like a seasoned pro.


Gear #3: A Weight Belt, For The Heavy Stuff

There are some people who dip their toes into Crossfit waters. And there are others whose game is to P-R it up every time they step into the gym. If you’re part of the latter (and we recommend that you be), you’ll need a weight belt.

The key to lifting heavier and heavier weights is to put pressure on your core. A weight belt gives you a hand at doing just that.


Gear #4: Oh Myofascial God!

Remember that positively orgasm-inducing scalp massager you have lying around at home?

Try this. Take a foam roller, and roll it over tightened muscles (trigger points). You’ll experience myofascial release, which is the medical term for the full-body equivalent of those quivers of bliss that a scalp massager gives.


Reason enough to buy it? We certainly think so, and you’ll be nodding vigorously once you get your hands on one of these.


The Best High Energy Tunes To Work Out To

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“So what’s your workout jam?” “What’s on your workout playlist for leg day?” “What do you listen to when you jog your daily 5K?”

All familiar questions if you follow any semblance of a regular workout routine. From cardio freaks to marathon runner wannabes and gym rats, music helps you take your workout au choix to the next level. It pumps up your heart rate and boosts your mental motivation during a training session. It also distracts you from pain and fatigue, and helps reduce the amount of energy you perceive yourself exerting. In fact, a 2012 study claims that music is like a legal performance-enhancing drug.

Which music works best, though?

While there’s no one right answer, we take a look at a few of the tunes that dominate core-engaging, sweat-inducing and motivation-boosting playlists of fitness enthusiasts.

Track #1: ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem

The rapper who gave us the quintessential ‘underdog rising’ theme, complete with sweaty palms and bomb dropping, gave us another motivational gym in this powerful track.

‘Till I Collapse’ might be bad advice if you take it literally, but it can certainly help when you’re pushing through negative motivation on your early morning jog. It’s also great for when you’re dragging your sleepy body to the gym, spurring you into a high-intensity workout.

Once dubbed the “ultimate workout song” by gym going experts, “Till I Collapse” has aged gracefully. It’s still popular in gym playlists, motivating people to give it every last drop of effort they can.


Track #2: “Energy” by Drake

If you’ve ever started a fitness routine and sustained it, you’ll know that the key is winning the mental battle against complacency, tired limbs and plain laziness.

That’s where Drake’s ‘Energy’ can help you out. The Canadian singer/actor/rapper may be most known for smoothly crooned tunes like Hotline Bling, but the aptly named ‘Energy’ is gym and running soundtrack gold.

If Drake’s lyrics don’t offend you, they’re sure to get your blood pumping. If lyrics boost your workout more than “trivial” details like bass thumping and BPM do, ‘Started From The Bottom’ is the track for you.


Track #3: “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna

Trust Ri-Ri to deliver the high energy goods.

‘Don’t Stop The Music’ is sort of like an energy shake for your mental motivation. It is an up tempo, synth-heavy track that justifies its ‘heavy’ tag, and then some. Sample embellishments from Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” are a great fit for this Euroclub-inspired workout banger.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re on a walk, a jog, a weight-training session, or a cycling trip: it’s all about the energy, and this track delivers the goods.

Agree with this list? Disagree? Have some suggestions? Let us know in the comments section!


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