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Why Does Every 5th College Student Suffer From Anxiety Or Depression?

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It’s a worrying trend: more and more people are suffering from anxiety, depression or some other form of mental illness. Research indicates that 1 in 5 students suffer from depression, which means we can’t afford to ignore this any longer.

Why do people get depressed? And, more importantly, why do students?

Social Interactions Have Suffered

Most college-age people have ready access to social media, and arguably spend more time than they should online. This hinders their real-life social interactive abilities, as more and more people prefer communicating through a social media post to actual conversation.

Mobile phone addiction is becoming a prevalent issue, and the virtual world competes for your attention with the real world. Often, the consequences are all too real—addiction to phones has been proven dangerous. It can cause stress, interrupt normal sleep patterns, and cause anxiety and even depression.

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Cyberbullying Is On The Rise

Once a laughable matter that you could choose to ignore, cyberbullying is a major threat to people’s wellbeing, especially college-goers. Whether someone gets affected in high school or in college, it can affect their mental well being when they are in college.

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Separation Anxiety, Career Worries

When college students have to deal with separation anxiety on top of the problems we discussed already, it can get too much. Add career expectations and peer pressure, and it’s easy to see why anxiety and depression affect 20% or more students.

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The Remedy

Thankfully, the same technology that can cause anxiety and depression can bring a virtual mental health expert right to your iPad or smartphone screen.

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If someone is going through depression or anxiety in college, this is often due to an unexpressed problem. Getting them to talk things out is usually the key.


Habits That Make For Great Relationships

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Your don’t often notice your habits, but they can have a profound effect on your everyday life. Learn how to make the most of this—by cultivating the right set of habits, you can build a positive relationship.

Certain habits can have a positive, uplifting effect on relationships. Learn which these are, and how to use them to better your love life!

Method 1: Put Away Your Phone, And Your TV Remote

When the big screen at home constantly bombards your senses with programming—or the smaller smartphone screen with notifications—you can lose touch with your partner. Instead of spending entire evenings drowning in TV or your phone, develop the habit of really talking to your partner.


Method 2: Clean And Cook

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but they don’t say that cleaning the dishes is the quickest way to show your partner how much they mean! Plus, washing dishes together is a bonding act of domestic intimacy.

Who knew tying on an apron had such wonderful benefits?

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Method 3: Stay In Touch Through The Day

Prioritize your relationship so that it thrives even through your tight daily schedule. It doesn’t take much: a simple text or two with those three easy words, for instance. When you show your partner that you’re thinking about them even when stuck in busy, busy work, your bond grows deeper.


These simple habits can foster a deep, meaningful relationship. Embrace a culture of affection and expressing it: that’s the secret to one happy relationship!


Keeping Yourself Healthy And Fit On A Beach Holiday

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Planning your destination holiday to Goa, the Andaman islands or (lucky you) a exotic international location like Bali or Ibiza?

First off, congrats—everyone deserves some fun in the sun! If fitness is important to you, though, you can’t spend the entire holiday drinking cocktails and sleeping on deck chairs! Here are a few simple ways you can keep yourself stay healthy and fit on a beach vacation.

Swim Your Love Handles Away!

Well, you are at the beach, so you might as well make swimming your chosen workout while on your holiday. A nice dip just before breakfast will get your metabolism rate going, and keep your body in shape.


Take Care Of Skin And Hair

A day spent in the hot sun can cause some real damage to your hair and your skin; extended exposure can cause flaky skin and split ends in hair. Omega-3 fatty acids can keep both skin and hair hydrated.


Try The One Plate Rule

When buffet breakfasts and barbecue dinners are the order of the day, you can get carried away by casual conversations and eat too much without realizing it. The one plate rule is simple: you eat as much as you can fit on a single plate.

It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but it helps you stay aware and avoid overeating without meaning to.


Try Walking Everywhere

Chances are that you’ll see a number of pristine sandy beaches, picturesque ocean boulevards, and other such sights. Try to take it all in on foot, if you can. You won’t miss the finer details, plus you’ll be keeping yourself healthy.


The next time you’re on holiday, make sure your body stays healthy. This way, you’ll make the best of an enjoyable experience!



5 Stress Management Tips For The 2018 Woman

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It’s so hard to stay calm in the face of daily stress today, isn’t it? Most women today balance busy schedules, home life, family time and the occasional night out. Given these, it’s rather hard to keep a cool head all the time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Use these 5 tips to take care of stress this International Women’s Day.

Put Pen To Paper


Or finger to tablet, or pencil to diary. Whatever your method, make a list of the things that need to be done. With this visual aid, you can prioritize and manage your time effectively, and stay stress-free.

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Take Some Time Off, Every Day


You can afford to take a 10 minute break or two every day, whatever your boss tells you. Stepping out for a coffee, listening to a favorite tune or watching a funny video—use whatever works for you and calms you down.

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Lots Of Water


Staying hydrated is more important than you might think, and water is your best choice. If you want variety, try other natural sources like cucumbers and watermelons. Avoid colas; they are unhealthy and the caffeine in them makes them ineffective hydrators.

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Getting Things In Order


Preparing ahead and organizing your day can help you avoid unnecessary stress. If you’re constantly chasing deadlines and battling backlogs, get some help and set things in order. Then use an organisational app or book to stay o top of your daily to-dos.

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Talk To Someone You Trust


As a woman, you might find it easier to open up to a close set of friends. If you’re going through stress, tell someone you trust. With someone lending a helpful ear, you can share your stress factors and reduce stress levels.

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Arm yourself with these techniques today, and have a great International Women’s Day tomorrow!


Developing Patience, In 4 Easy Steps

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Life moves much faster today than about 10 years ago, and one thing that we all run short of is patience. Once a valued quality, today we hardly have the time or capability for patience.

In a world of instant coffee and blazing fast internet speeds, how does one develop true patience? Well, these 4 steps are a great place to start. Learn how to develop your own inner zen through easy, simple methods.

Step 1: Break The Instant Gratification Habit

Today, a lot of our impatience is built from one thing: we’re too used to getting the things we want, right when we want them. You want to see a movie? You can book it on your phone in a sec. Thinking about a trip? You can book flights, hotels and activities in two minutes.

Consciously break out of this mode: the next time you’re craving ice cream, walk to a shop instead of ordering it. Wait for your next salary before buying those shoes you really want, instead of swiping your credit card.

With delayed gratification, you’ll develop a solid amount of patience.


Step 2: Recognize Your Impatience

Learn to watch how you react to people, circumstances, and things that test your patience. Impatience starts with discomfort in a situation, or with a person. When you learn to watch for this, and teach yourself how to avoid losing your patience, things change.


Step 3: Taking Deep, Long Breaths

Deep breaths are very, very effective. Don’t dismiss it before you truly try it.

The next time you’re stuck in line behind someone who is acting like the sloths from the movie Zootopia, do this: slowly count to 10 in your head. As you do this, breathe in and out. Be conscious of your breathing, and focus on it.

Your impatience and building irritation will fade away.


Step 4: Think Before You Blab… Er, Speak

In most irritating circumstances, we’re all most likely to shoot off our mouth, with little regard for the outcome. Developing patience here is training yourself to think before you skills

This is easier said than done; the trick is to constantly watch yourself.


Use these simple techniques to slowly develop control in trigger situations, and improve your patience. Don’t worry, it takes everyone some time to develop this control; don’t give up till you see a change.

It’s good for you—and everyone around you—in the long run.


6 Quirky Stress Busters Your Work Desk Needs

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All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull children indeed. But you can’t just pack your cricket kits and start setting up a wicket in the middle of a conference room!

These small, quirky stress busters won’t get you in trouble like office cricket definitely will, though! Most of them sit quietly on your desk at work, and add a bit of levity to rescue you from all that stress.

A Mini Buddha Board

Instead of doing some Zen chanting in the middle of a quiet room and startling everyone around you, get one of these doodle boards. You draw on it with water, which evaporates soon, leaving a clean, fresh board you can doodle on again.


A Light Bulb-Shaped Stress Ball

For those moments when you’re squeezing out an idea, and it’s simply stressing you out, this is what the doctor ordered.


Henry Vacuum Cleaner

For those obsessed with clean desks, this is like Christmas arriving early! Merry Clean Desk! Oh, and it’s really cute as well.


Scalp Massager

A portable massage. If you’re wondering how good this can be, ask someone who has used one. Their face will tell you how good it is.


These simple stress busting toys are a great source of some light relief at work. Grab one for yourself, or gift your colleague some peace of mind.


7 Great Tips For A Hassle-Free Family Vacation

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Travelling with young kids is a joy, but it isn’t always fun for you as the parent. All the hustle, bustle and hassle can get to you, so it pays to be prepared. This set of simple tips will help you prepare yourself and avoid the usual stress of a trip with your tiny tots.

Tip #1: Bring Entertainment For Layovers/Breaks

Prepare for long haul flights, layovers and other long, quiet journeys by packing books, games and other electronic devices you use for their entertainment. Even homework can work here!


Tip #2: Take Advantage Of The Magic Of Music

Download a song that all your kids love. Play it on long quiet stretches, and you’ll make fun, lasting memories that the kids will treasure for a long time.


Tip #3: Teach Kids A (Bit Of A) New Language

If you’re headed to a destination outside of your state, or abroad, chances are the locals will speak another language. Teaching your kids this is a great build-up to the trip itself: use short clips you can find on YouTube, or language tapes you can play every day leading to the trip.

Tip #4: Pack Blankets And Pillows

When kids are in alien territory (the hotel room you picked), it helps to have familiar stuff at their side. This is especially true at bedtime, hence the blankets and pillows.



Tip #5: Splitting Responsibilities

Especially if you’re travelling with another family, you’ll need to figure out which parent holds which responsibility. Schedule it to make sure all adults involved get a fair share of breaks, and that all duties are equally distributed.


Tip #6:  Equipped For Emergencies

Make sure you have all the baby wipes, spare diapers and plastic bags you’ll need. The rule of thumb is to pack a couple more than you think you need!


Tip #7: (When Flying) Pack Warm

Make sure you pack enough warm layers of kids’ clothing when travelling by plane. Even if you’re flying to a warm destination, airplanes get notoriously cold.


Using these 7 tips, you can avoid crying toddlers, restless kids and fighting siblings. Good luck on your next journey with your kids!


Learn 5 Easy Ways To Stay Positive At Work

Easy Ways To Feel Great At Work (7)

A little complaining and murmuring about the job is something we all do. However, this can build to become a completely negative attitude to work and your workplace. You might just end up being in a permanent bad mood at work.

That’s not good for your own wellbeing. Which is precisely why we’ve put together this list of 5 simple ways you can stay positive, even happy, at work!

Method 1: Tune Out All The Negativity

You could try to develop an ability to ignore negative conversations around you (tough), or get a pair of noise-cancelling earphones (easier). Either way, if you can keep the negativity out, you will find it easier to stay positive.

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Method 2: Get Out, For Lunch

Eating at the work desk every day: okay if you’re on a deadline, not okay if it’s a daily habit. Take your lunch away from your desk, or outside if possible. This creates a welcome break from the monotony.

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Method 3: Make Some Friends

People who have quality friendships at work are more likely to stay engaged and enjoy their time in the office: studies agree. Make friends, even if you have a close circle outside of work.

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Method 4: Take A Break

Or multiple breaks, preferably. A small change in your environment can do you a lot of good, according to psychologists.

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Method 5: Random Acts Of Kindness

Not only will your coworkers like you a little better, but you’ll feel better yourself. People who do good things for people around them are generally happier overall.

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Take the time to practise these 5 methods, and you’ll feel a little better at work. Keep at them, and you’ll learn to develop a truly positive attitude, even brightening your coworkers’ days!


How To Keep Calm During Wedding Planning

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Weddings are a rush. The laughter, the excitement, and the nervousness, which go hand in hand with all the stress…

But it doesn’t have to be that way. That cliché about a bride being at her stress threshold in the months leading to her marriage? You can easily avoid it; simply follow these easy methods and keep calm during this wonderful event.

Method 1: Draw The Line

This is about all the pressure and expectation from people around you. Your wedding is yours and yours alone; you can’t please everybody. Don’t hold yourself responsible for everyone’s extra sensitive emotions too.

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Method 2: Take A Break

A lot of stress-related issues only happen when stress accumulates. Give yourself a break from everything wedding-related, and simply head out with your SO. Forget about the wedding for a while, unwind, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

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Method 3: Figure Out Time Management

When things don’t go as scheduled, there’s going to be some stress. Figure out a detailed schedule for your wedding day, and stick to it.

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Method 4: Cue Upbeat Music

Have a go-to playlist for those moments when all the planning and managing everyone’s emotions get to you. Pick some happy music, like ABBA or some early Britney!

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Method 5: Consider A Wedding Planner

Much as you’d probably love planning every last bit of your big day, the huge range of tasks involved mean hiring a planner is okay. Advisable, even. You can be as involved as you choose to be.

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With these tips,  wedding planning gets a whole lot easier, doesn’t it?


5 Telltale Signs Of Depression

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Over 5.5 crores of Indian people suffer from depression. That’s 1 in 20 people. These telltale signs will help you know if someone around you is going through dark times. Here’s how to find out if someone you love is depressed, so you can then help them get through it.

Symptom 1: Staying Aloof

If a friend or a loved one suddenly turns ‘anti-social’, depression may be the root cause. They may have lost interest in companionship, or feel like they might bring others down.

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Symptom 2: Increased Drinking

Often turning to alcohol to cope with their social insecurities, depressed people might start drinking heavier than usual. Starting as a coping mechanism, this can become an addiction by itself.

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Symptom 3: Constantly Changing Moods

The chemical imbalances that accompany depression can make a person go from happy to crying-aloud sad in a matter of minutes. Watch closely, though—this could simply be due to a clinical hormonal imbalance.

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Symptom 4: Getting Bored With Everything

This is easy to catch; if you see a loved one suddenly failing to enjoy something they love, chances are that they are depressed.

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Symptom 5: Suicidal Thoughts

As dark and heavy as this is, you’ll need to know. If someone starts talking obsessively about death and suicide, it’s time to step in and get them professional help.

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Watch out for these 5 signs, and you might just make someone’s life a little better.


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