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Couples who workout together, stay together! – Valentine’s week special

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A lot of couples look very much in love and connected. The secret to that crazy-in-love vibe they’re giving off could be that they’re working out together. This routine can provide HUGE benefits to your relationship. Read on to discover why the couple that works out together, stays together.

Guaranteed Quality time 

If you’re already making time in your day to exercise, why not do it together? Exercising together will give you quality time during the day, and more quality time helps keep your relationship healthy. Isn’t it?

Healthy Competition

Bring the playfulness back into your relationship. Challenge your partner to a running race. See who can do the most squats or planks. It not only keeps your workout interesting but your relationship interesting, too!

Sharing Common Goals

When you workout together, you’re both sharing the same goal of getting healthy and fit. The experience of being on the same page about something big brings you closer together.

Improve Emotional Well-Being

Working out boosts your self-confidence, and can help you improve your moods. The healthier you are, the more energy you have to give to your relationship!

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The takeaway

Fitness can be about you, or it can be about you and your partner. Discover how doing so might give your relationship a new dimension and a new perspective.



These Breathing Techniques Will Put You To Sleep!

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Most of us have trouble falling or staying asleep. Our busy and fast-paced lives are loaded with long work days, stress, parenting burnout, or other emotionally exhausting situations. These can make it really difficult to relax and get some ZZZs.


Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of breathing exercises that can help you calm your mind and body.

            Three-part breathing exercise

            Follow these three steps to practice this method:

  1. Take a long, deep breath
  2. Exhale completely and focus intently on your body and how it feels
  3. Do this a couple of times and then slow down your exhale making it twice as long as your inhale.

    Papworth Method

    In this method you focus on your diaphragm to breathe more easily:

  • Sit straight and upright. You can even do this on your bed if you are trying to sleep.
  • Take deep breaths; counting to 4 with each inhale — through your nose — and each exhale
  • Focus on your abdomen rising and falling, and listen for your breathing sound.

    Alternate nasal breathing exercise

    This exercise is also called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sit with your legs crossed, and place your left hand on your knee and your right thumb against your nose.
  • Exhale fully and gently close your right nostril with your thumb.
  • Inhale through your left nostril.
  • Open your right nostril and exhale while closing your left nostril.
  • Continue this rotation for 5 minutes, and finish by exhaling through your left nostril.

The takeaway

It is found that breathing techniques help you relax, sleep, and breathe more naturally and effectively. Try out these three methods and let us know which one worked for you!

How To Deal With A Negative Internal Voice

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How do you deal with negative emotions that surface when you’re stressed or hurt? This is a common problem that many people face. Well, we can tell you one thing for sure – suppressing your emotions is not the right thing to do.

It’s important to attend to these emotions and then take steps to let them go. Here’s what we suggest.

Understand Your Emotions

Look within and try to pinpoint the situations that are creating the stress and negative emotions in your life.

  • Identify where your negative emotions can come from; a triggering event – an event from the past; maybe your workload, for example.
  • Negative emotions are also the result of our thoughts surrounding an event; the way we interpret what happened can alter the way we respond to it.

Change What You Can

Defend yourself from stress triggers because you are stronger than you think. You’ll find yourself feeling negative emotions less frequently.

Find an Outlet

Making the right changes in your life can help you cut down on negative emotions. You will also need to find healthy outlets for dealing with these emotions.

  • Regular exercise can provide an emotional boost whenever you need it.
  • Meditation can help you find some mental space, so you can better process events.
  • Finding opportunities for having fun and getting more laughter can help lift your mood so you have the momentary strength to deal with situations.

If you’re feeling angry or frustrated too frequently,  this can be a signal that something needs to change; and if you don’t, it will affect your emotional health.

Find a few outlets that will help you overcome these emotions, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed when negative emotions do arise.


7 bad habits that you should bid goodbye with 2018!

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If you’ve promised to give your life a major upgrade in 2019—and beyond; the first step is to leave behind bad habits that may be sabotaging your progress. It might not be easy, but let’s give it a try!



It indeed is very easy to postpone doing what needs to get done and to leave it for the next day – except when the next day never comes. So here’s a suggestion- Maybe you should consider eliminating the word “lazy” from our vocabulary entirely to get back on track and stay active!


Spending too much time on the couch

People living a sedentary lifestyle tend to be less healthy. Experts believe, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio activity or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio activity per week, or some combination in between.

Waking up at 12 pm or later

People who wake late miss one of the greatest feats of nature- ‘Sunshine.’ Also, if you try waking up earlier; you will have more time to get things done and won’t be missing out on half the day.

Spending money on unnecessary things

Start off this new year with the best of intentions to save money – buying only what you need and trying to watch your spendings. So, how about learning to budget your money and stopping to rely on your credit cards?


Convincing yourself that everything you worry about will happen

Worrying yourself too much is one of those common, sneaky bad habits most people indulge in without realizing it. It can cause a lot of stress. So, stop worrying and start living!

Using electronics before bed

You already know you should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. A before-bed Instagram/Facebook scrolling can steal your sleep away. Moreover, most sleep experts recommend finishing any screen time at least 20 minutes before you’re ready for bed.



4 easy and meaningful wellness resolutions for New Year!


Most New Year’s resolutions are about improving your health and wellness. One key to achieving your resolutions is picking specific, realistic and achievable goals. Right?
But beyond those basics, what should you do differently? Let’s have a look.

Eat mindfully

The idea behind mindful eating is pretty simple: If you take the time to truly savor what you are eating, without distractions, then your body will tell you when you’re full and what it’s craving.


Find workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goals

First, narrow down what it is you want to achieve at the gym, whether that’s building muscle, increasing flexibility, or burning fat. Then try workouts that are aligned with your goals—and the ones you enjoy.


Nurture your resolutions

How you nurture personal relationships depends on you. If it means you add a weekly lunch with a friend to your schedule? Join a local club or practice your favourite sport. Plan a monthly date night with your partner? Eat meals at the dinner table with your family more often?


Drink a bit more water

If you want to up your water consumption, try keeping a water bottle at your desk, drinking a glass before starting each meal.


Wrap up

Don’t wait until Jan. 1 to start setting resolutions to improve your health and wellbeing. Setting goals and improving yourself doesn’t have a right time; that time is any time and it’s best to start right now.


Your Anxiety Loves Sugar. Here Are A Few Reasons Why!


If you feel you are facing anxiety, it might be worth it to watch what you are eating. While ditching artificial sugar can result in a physically healthier you, it’s the impact sugar has on our mental health that’s worth taking a second look at.


Sugar leads to highs and lows

Consuming a large amount of processed sugar can trigger feelings of worry, irritability, sadness or even depression. A sugar rush can even leave you feeling nervous, foggy, irritable, jittery, and drained.


It can worsen your anxiety
If you are dealing with anxiety, then you know how disastrous it is to binge on sugar. Sugar can weaken your body’s ability to respond to stress, which can trigger your anxiety and prevent you from dealing with the cause of the stress.


Sugar can increase your risk of developing depression

If you are dealing with depression, sometimes food can serve as a form of self-medication. Overconsumption of sugar triggers imbalances in certain brain chemicals. These imbalances can lead to depression.

People Faces Covered with Happy Expression Emotion Balloons

If you’re craving sugar, here are a few low -sugar alternatives you can indulge in instead:

Chocolate dipped strawberries

– Pancakes

– Cinnamon apple pudding

– Baked blueberry cheesecake

If you plan on processed sugar, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of sweet-tasting food because suddenly stopping your sugar intake can be harmful for you. So make sure you still enjoy your favourite foods – by making them healthy and consuming in smaller portions.

5 Surprising Things That Are Contagious And You Had No Clue!

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Germs aren’t the only things you have to worry about “catching.” Discover what else you can catch from the people you spend most of the day with!


Restaurant orders:

Research tells us that people are happier ordering food nutritionally similar to that of their companions. If you’re watching your diet, place your order first so that you’re not tempted by your friends’ cravings.

Group of friends eating together

Negative thinking:

If you are with someone who is prone to focusing on the negative aspect of life, it is quite possible that you will catch that feeling and start following the same pattern.



Yes, smiling is contagious. People can catch each other’s happiness by just watching each other and finding pleasure the other person’s happiness.

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Desire for new things:

It’s no coincidence you suddenly want a branded shoe after your friend’s gets one. When this happens, remind yourself of how thankful you are for what you already own.



Yes, loneliness can definitely spread from one person to another. So, when one person starts to feel lonely, it can spread thoughts of loneliness through negative social interactions.


Have you ever experienced any of these things? Maybe even something different? What is that one thing you have caught from your family, friends or colleagues? Feel free to share your experiences with us!


7 Absolutely Natural Thoughts You Can Get While Meditating!

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Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and is good for your body as well as for your mind. Practicing meditation regularly can ward away stress and make you feel healthier.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to meditate or trying to get back into the habit, if you practice meditation, we’re pretty sure you’ve had at least one of, or even all of these thoughts!

  1. This is going to be so easy!
    The idea of just sitting and doing nothing…It’s going to be a piece of cake.

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  2. Do i keep my eyes open or closed?
    What if I’m doing it wrong? Can you meditate wrong?
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  3. Has it been ten minutes yet? I’m getting tired.
    I shouldn’t look. The timer will go off any second. It’s fine.
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  4. Did I leave the stove on? I definitely left something on.
    Whoops, I think I lost my focus again.

  5. Oh my god, I want ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.
    After meditation, I definitely deserve it.
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  6. Oh my god, it’s over.
    If they gave out medals for meditating, I would definitely win the gold for Worst Meditator Ever.
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  7. Am I glowing? I feel like I’m glowing.
    My skin better feels fabulous after this. I have gone through so much.


No matter what you’re thinking while meditating, remember that it’s perfectly fine for your mind to wander. Be gentle with yourself, guide your thoughts back to where you *want* to focus, and keep practicing.


How To Be Awesome 101

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When we begin to brighten our view of the world, and infuse more positivity into our thought patterns, something magical starts to happen to us. We start to become awesome!


Here are a few steps that can help you achieve this state-of-mind and make a profound change in your life:

Don’t let the fear of being judged dull your light:

When you’re faced with criticism, smile and move forward with positive energy, and don’t let a bad experience make you bitter. Go out there, be yourself and shine!


Be open-minded and believe in your awesomeness:


Accept every kind word and compliment. Bask in it and try to do it better each time. Also when you are shining, make sure you appreciate others and let them have a brighter moment too.


Practice Gratitude:


One of the ways to shift your focus away from negativity is to list the things in your life for which you are grateful. Be grateful to be gainfully employed, to sleep in a bed each night, for the sun that comes up each morning, and for the people that love and care for you.


Ditch the Crabs:


If you put a crab in a bucket, it will easily climb out. But if you put a second crab in the bucket, none of them will let the other escape. In other words, surround yourself with positive people. If you get trapped in a negative conversation,  try to change the subject to something more positive.


Life is not always easy. However, it is our own perspective that ultimately determines if we go through it puckered and sour, or skip along with a glass of sweet lemonade.


4 Small Stresses in Daily Life That You Can Easily Eliminate

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Stress for most people is caused by a variety of factors—major transitions, illnesses and injuries, money issues, a too-busy schedule—the list goes on and on. These tend to mess with your wellbeing and pose long-term effects to your health.


Before you start to feel even more stressed, take a deep breath—because we’ve got your back.


We rounded up 4 of the common stressors, as well as foolproof ways to outsmart them so they don’t bring you (or your body) down.

Traffic Jams During the Morning Commute

It is believed that honking and the sound of traffic can trigger elevated stress levels. There’s nothing you can do about traffic, but you can minimize the effect it has on you.

Leaving with enough time so that if a traffic jam occurs… you’re not going to be bothered by it and if you get caught in a traffic jam, it is what it is. Don’t get upset about it. Listen to your favourite music or an audio book.

View at young handsome man driving modern car


Too Much Technology

If you can’t be 30 minutes without checking your instagram or text messages, you may experience higher stress levels than someone who completely unplugs.

Sure, you may need your smartphone or tablet, but it’s necessary to set boundaries. It is advisable to shut down all devices two or three hours before bed to allow your mind time to unwind.




Some people have to do everything so perfectly and feel like mistakes are completely unacceptable. However, nobody is perfect, and if you’re reaching for perfection, you’re only going to succeed at stressing yourself out.


Toxic Relationships

Whether it’s a so-called friend, a co-worker, neighbor, or miserable relative ,some people may drain the life out of you and cause you stress. The last thing you need is a toxic relationship adding stress to your life.


Don’t let these mess with your wellbeing. What are some other stressors that you face on a daily basis? How do you avoid it?

Let us know your suggestions and tips in the comments below.




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