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Is your ‘Me Time’ really healthy?

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Me time is a very important part of everyone’s life. Its a time to focus on yourself, and take a break to mentally relax and escape the stress of everyday life. Me time can be extremely beneficial to your mental health, and can significantly boost your productivity. However it is important to know the difference between healthy ‘me time’ and indicators of depression.  


Though isolation can contribute to your happiness and health, it can also be dangerous for people suffering from mental illness. Isolation often encourages cyclical thoughts, and can keep us from recognizing love in our lives.



So how does one tell the difference?


Sometimes people use time to themselves as an excuse to avoid situations and keep from facing their problems upfront. Though it is important to approach your problems with a steady head, you should always make sure that they are addressed and not avoided.


Sometimes people say they prefer to be alone, as they feel their presence is a burden on their friends and family, but many times this is not the case. Our emotions can cloud our judgement and cause us to feel this way, but it is important to remember that our loved ones are always there for us.


‘Me time’ should be used efficiently. This doesn’t mean that you should meticulously plan out a ‘to-do’ list for this period, but you should ensure that you are focused on what you need at that time. If it is relaxation, then make sure you spend the time doing something that truly relaxes you – whether that is watching a movie, going for a walk or reading a book.



So, how do you know you are spending your ‘me time’ the right way? Focus on how you feel afterwards – are you recharged, energized and revitalized, or do you find yourself feeling exhausted? These may be indications that you need to make a shift in the way you are spending your time.


There is not a single solution for everybody, so it is up to you to decide what works best for your mental state.

Let’s talk about men’s mental health!

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Young boys are so used to hearing phrases like ‘be a man’ or ‘don’t cry like a girl’. But depression doesn’t discriminate between men and women – it affects everyone, and it’s time we talked about it.


Untreated depression has emerged as an underlying condition in many cases of suicide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men are 3-4 times more likely to commit suicide than women. So let’s first learn how to notice depression in men, because the signs and symptoms may vary between men and women.


Depression in men commonly manifests in the following ways:


Feelings of anger, irritability or aggressiveness 

Many women show signs of depression with sadness, but men in depression often display aggressive behavior. If you notice a friend frequently acting more irritable than usual, make sure you address it and if necessary, point them in the direction of help.



Changes in sleep patterns

This can go either way – men suffering from depression either have a hard time sleeping or sleep more than usual.



Losing interest

If someone you know seems to be losing interest in things like work, family, friends, sex, or other activities they once enjoyed, they may be suffering from depression


Take part in high-risk activities

Research suggests that there is direct correlation between depression in men and over dependence on drugs and alcohol





Many men will experience only a few of these symptoms, but it is important to recognize them when you see it. Depression is a serious issue, and must be professionally addressed at the earliest. So make sure your loved ones are in good care by always keeping a close look out for these symptoms.

How to start your own backyard garden?

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Gardening used to be a normal part of life for most people. Not so many generations ago, neighbors exchanged freshly produced fruits and vegetables over fences and most of them knew their local farmer. Maybe you can bring back gardening?

Gardening for Beginners: How to Get Started

The thought of a garden can be amusing.There are so many options of what to buy, when and how to plant, and not to mention how to keep it all alive!


Decide What to Grow

It is wise to grow foods that:

(a) we consume the most

(b) are the most expensive to buy organical



Prepare the Garden

Make sure you get good quality soil, organic fertilizers, and enough sun and water (with a planned irrigation technique). Also, using organic pest control methods are recommended.


Make the most of your space

Stick with planting or sowing the seeds in rows and make sure you get the most production from small spaces. (Use a home-made compost kit to give your garden a boost)


Enjoy your organic garden

Knowing where your food supply comes from (and what wasn’t sprayed on it!) is finally so satisfying. The small investment of time and effort you put in will definitely be worth it.


Plenty of what you plant will grow, and nothing beats picking your own fresh produce from your own backyard garden. It tastes amazingly better and  different from what’s found in the store and what’s more, your kids will be excited to munch on their own garden produce.


How the modern world is making you anxious?

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Did you know that the right amount of anxiety actually helps you? Yes! It does.

But are we maintaining it at the right levels?

Every one of us deals with stress and anxiety on a regular basis in our daily life but we don’t consider getting help hence our brain gets wired for anxiety and this can affect our personal as well as professional lives in long-run. Hence one needs to be aware of the causes of anxiety so that they can either stay away or limit their interaction with such causes.

Ridiculously high standards

People are becoming more and more interested in posting their daily activities on social media and waiting for other’s to appreciate or talk about them. This trend is having a rather nasty effect on people’s self-esteem and is seriously affecting their mental health.


Increasing competition

There is a huge competition in all aspects of life, you’re not going to be relevant in today’s world if you’re not specialized in your relevant field and this constant notion that someone can replace you anytime is making people stressed out and frustrated.


Smart- Technology

Most of us get worried if we don’t find our gadgets or get tensed when they’re not around us. This un-needed attachment to devices brings anxiety and also fear of misusage of data online.


The diversity of people and Information

Due to global village lifestyle, we are required to deal with people and information from all parts of the world. Access to such kind of diversity gives people more chance to learn and hence helps them grow and when there is too much to learn and articulate it becomes stressful and hence leads to anxiety.



3 ways lack of sleep is making you fat

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We are all used to lectures on the importance of adequate sleep during the night. It can lead to all kinds of physiological problems including diabetes, heart disease and anxiety. However many of us disregard these reasons because we don’t feel the effects immediately, and therefore don’t give it much importance. Well, maybe this will change your mind – did you know there is a link between how much people weigh and how much sleep they get?


It’s true! A lack of sleep affects your appetite, physical activity and body temperature, and can lead to obesity. So how exactly are they related?

Appetite –

Sleeping and waking up at the right time has an immediate effect on your appetite. If you stay up late watching Netflix, you’re obviously going to be craving a midnight snack. And as far as midnight snacks go, let’s be honest, you’re probably NOT going to make yourself a salad. Breakfast is your most important meal, and you’ll end up skipping that because you slept in… again.


Metabolic System –

Our internal body clock determines your sleep cycle, hormone production and appetite regulation. Inadequate sleep increases levels of gherkin in your body, which is responsible for making you feel hungry. It also decreases levels of leptin, the hormone that tells you you’ve had enough to eat.


Physical Activity –

If you don’t get enough sleep, chances are you won’t have the energy to go for that morning or evening run. So that means your day is only filled up with hours at work at your desk, or at home on your couch.

woman running on morning

So make a change now. The first step to regulating your appetite is to sleep and wake up on time. Do this, and you will see an immediate change in your energy levels. This will help you get in a few hours of exercise every day, helping you maintain your weight and stay happy and healthy!

Practicing self-compassion & why it is important

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We all have that nagging voice in the back of our heads that dominate our thoughts, moods and actions. More often than not, we find this voice telling us what we didn’t do, what we don’t have and what we will never achieve. Many of us ignore this voice and push through the day, but what if we told you that you can take control of it instead?


Practising self-compassion can be a path to truly loving and accepting yourself, which is the first step in feeling loved and accepted by others. It’s a better motivator than critical self-talk and is so powerful that it can even rewire your brain to build feelings of calmness, safety, and trust.



So how do you get started?


  1. Observe how you speak to yourself. When you notice self-criticism, stop and think about how a friend might respond to you in that situation. What would you do if the roles were reversed?young-woman-posing-and-imaging_23-2147653640
  2. The next step is to stop yourself when you notice self-criticism. Say something positive about yourself instead, and notice how you feel.funny-girl-celebrating-a-victory_1154-164
  3. Keep a journal, and write in it every day – 2 things you are grateful for, 2 kind statements to yourself, and something small that made you smile that day. Make this a habit, and you’ll start to notice a difference in how you view the world around you.people-hand-writing-notebook-with-gadget_9563-1832
  4. Give yourself a break! When you’re stressed, anxious or worried, just stop and breathe. Take a minute to tell yourself you are doing the best that you can. After all, you’re only human!

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So make the change today. You’ll find yourself happier, more motivated and more empowered to spread love and form bonds with others. Why? Because you deserve it & so does everyone around you.


What your mother really wants for Mother’s day

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What are you getting your mom this Mother’s day? Jewelry? Flowers? Chocolate?


These are great go-to options, but how about we amp it up this year, and get our mothers something they really want and will cherish?

A Day Off –

There’s nothing your mother would like more than a day off from the usual ‘mom-routine’. Take over for the day, and make sure the house is clean & chores are taken care of. Cook your mom’s favourite meals, and let her take the day off to do some of her favourite things.

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Alone Time –

Even though you might want to spend the day with your mom, let’s try not to focus on ourselves for once! Mom’s spend so much time in loud, noisy and crowded environments, that they might want a day to themselves to relax. Send your mom to a spa, and make sure she gets pampered. She deserves it!



Appreciation –

Mothers are incredibly selfless, and most of the time, they never expect anything in return. That’s why it is SO important to make sure your mother knows she is appreciated. Take the time to let your mother know how grateful you are for everything she does.

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Quality family time –

Spend some REAL time with your family. Put your phones away, play a board game, and have amazing food. Quality time is all it takes to make some unforgettable memories.

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So put a smile on your mother’s face this Mother’s Day with these simple gifts. After all, it’s the small stuff that counts!


5 Fascinating things that happen to you while you are sleeping!

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Whether you have imagined it or not,  we spend around a third of our lives (around 25 years) sleeping. A good 8 hours of sleep helps us to recover from the previous day’s exertions and prep for a new day. But do you know what actually goes on while you’re conked out?

Your Brain Is Active

Our brains are “on” throughout the night. The brain is actually very active during sleep doing important things. According to a study, the brain is processing the information we gained during the day and shutting out the information we don’t need.

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Your Heart Rate and Breathing Slows Down

Physiological processes during bedtime slows down and so does your breathing and heart rate.Also the liver quites down from trying to detoxify.


And so does your body temperature

While we sleep, core temperatures drop a bit. Furthermore, keeping your room cool before bed can help you sleep better.

Your blood pressure plummets

Total body relaxation leads to something called a “nocturnal dipping” of your blood pressure. It’s normal for people if the blood pressure can drop by about 4 to 7 points while you are having  a good night’s sleep.


You pump out growth hormones

We’re talking about HGH, or human growth hormone which is a protein that fights aging and injury for which you need to sleep deep for seven to eight hours. Even if you’re not growing taller, you’re always growing: building muscle cells.


When it comes to staying healthy, we put a lot of attention nutrition and fitness, which are both very important. But we should put sleep on that same level.

Why Does Every 5th College Student Suffer From Anxiety Or Depression?

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It’s a worrying trend: more and more people are suffering from anxiety, depression or some other form of mental illness. Research indicates that 1 in 5 students suffer from depression, which means we can’t afford to ignore this any longer.

Why do people get depressed? And, more importantly, why do students?

Social Interactions Have Suffered

Most college-age people have ready access to social media, and arguably spend more time than they should online. This hinders their real-life social interactive abilities, as more and more people prefer communicating through a social media post to actual conversation.

Mobile phone addiction is becoming a prevalent issue, and the virtual world competes for your attention with the real world. Often, the consequences are all too real—addiction to phones has been proven dangerous. It can cause stress, interrupt normal sleep patterns, and cause anxiety and even depression.

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Cyberbullying Is On The Rise

Once a laughable matter that you could choose to ignore, cyberbullying is a major threat to people’s wellbeing, especially college-goers. Whether someone gets affected in high school or in college, it can affect their mental well being when they are in college.

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Separation Anxiety, Career Worries

When college students have to deal with separation anxiety on top of the problems we discussed already, it can get too much. Add career expectations and peer pressure, and it’s easy to see why anxiety and depression affect 20% or more students.

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The Remedy

Thankfully, the same technology that can cause anxiety and depression can bring a virtual mental health expert right to your iPad or smartphone screen.

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If someone is going through depression or anxiety in college, this is often due to an unexpressed problem. Getting them to talk things out is usually the key.


Habits That Make For Great Relationships

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Your don’t often notice your habits, but they can have a profound effect on your everyday life. Learn how to make the most of this—by cultivating the right set of habits, you can build a positive relationship.

Certain habits can have a positive, uplifting effect on relationships. Learn which these are, and how to use them to better your love life!

Method 1: Put Away Your Phone, And Your TV Remote

When the big screen at home constantly bombards your senses with programming—or the smaller smartphone screen with notifications—you can lose touch with your partner. Instead of spending entire evenings drowning in TV or your phone, develop the habit of really talking to your partner.


Method 2: Clean And Cook

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but they don’t say that cleaning the dishes is the quickest way to show your partner how much they mean! Plus, washing dishes together is a bonding act of domestic intimacy.

Who knew tying on an apron had such wonderful benefits?

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Method 3: Stay In Touch Through The Day

Prioritize your relationship so that it thrives even through your tight daily schedule. It doesn’t take much: a simple text or two with those three easy words, for instance. When you show your partner that you’re thinking about them even when stuck in busy, busy work, your bond grows deeper.


These simple habits can foster a deep, meaningful relationship. Embrace a culture of affection and expressing it: that’s the secret to one happy relationship!


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