7 Simple Remedies For Sore Eyes

Swollen, irritated, itchy, red and painful—sore eyes are a major source of discomfort. Most of the time, the problem is simple, and easily fixed. Read on to discover 7 simple remedies to give your peepers some much needed relief, rest and relaxation.

1: Ice For Eyes

Take an ice pack, cold compress or a packet of frozen food (anything cold, basically), put it in a cold cloth, and place it on your closed eyelids. This takes care of inflammation and irritation.


2: Tea Remedy

Tea contains bioflavonoids that protect you from bacterial and viral infections. Simply place a wet tea bag on your eyes. If you have swollen eyes, soak your tea bag in cold water.

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3: Cucumber Slices

Soak thin slices of cucumber in cold water, and then put them on your eyes. This heals soreness and swelling, and even takes care of dark circles.

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4: Aloe Vera DIY Treatment

Soak cotton balls in aloe vera gel diluted with cold water. Place this on your eyes; aloe vera can take care of soreness, and has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that fight the root cause of your sore eyes (usually a viral/bacterial infection).

5: Drink Water

This helps you take care of dry eyes, a condition that can irritate your eyes. With dry eyes, your vision might be blurry, and you might feel like you have something in your eyes. The fix? Drink water. Plenty of it.

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6: Warm Milk And Honey

Milk soothes the pain, and honey can fight bacterial infections with ease. A great remedy for conjunctivitis; simply mix equal parts of honey and warm (not hot) milk, stirring well. Then use an eye dropper to drop the solution into your open eyes; 2 or 3 drops usually do the trick.

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7: Grated Potato

Grate a potato and lay the shavings on closed eyelids. Its natural astringent properties mean that grated potato easily remedies swollen eyes.