About Slice of Health

Today, people like you and me are more conscious about health and well-being than ever before. Many of us aspire to a more active, wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Yet we struggle to find and make sense of all the information we need to achieve this.
Slice of Health, brought to you by Chola MS General Insurance, is a platform that is meant to help you make this choice of a healthier lifestyle work for you. Here, you will find an integration of news, updates, snippets, expert views and more – across the FOUR main dimensions of leading healthier lives – Fitness, Nutrition, Mental well-being and HealthCare.
We will do our best to curate available content and make the posts here friendly, simple, practical and relevant to you. Join our community on social media, get our Blogs updated in your news-feed and join our radio show to stay connected. Our vision is to enable more and more people to make the transition to healthier living and your feedback and suggestions are most welcome to help us realise this vision.