How To Be Awesome 101

When we begin to brighten our view of the world, and infuse more positivity into our thought patterns, something magical starts to happen to us. We start to become awesome!


Here are a few steps that can help you achieve this state-of-mind and make a profound change in your life:

Don’t let the fear of being judged dull your light:

When you’re faced with criticism, smile and move forward with positive energy, and don’t let a bad experience make you bitter. Go out there, be yourself and shine!


Be open-minded and believe in your awesomeness:


Accept every kind word and compliment. Bask in it and try to do it better each time. Also when you are shining, make sure you appreciate others and let them have a brighter moment too.


Practice Gratitude:


One of the ways to shift your focus away from negativity is to list the things in your life for which you are grateful. Be grateful to be gainfully employed, to sleep in a bed each night, for the sun that comes up each morning, and for the people that love and care for you.


Ditch the Crabs:


If you put a crab in a bucket, it will easily climb out. But if you put a second crab in the bucket, none of them will let the other escape. In other words, surround yourself with positive people. If you get trapped in a negative conversation,  try to change the subject to something more positive.


Life is not always easy. However, it is our own perspective that ultimately determines if we go through it puckered and sour, or skip along with a glass of sweet lemonade.