Depression in teenagers has become very commonplace today – is it the stress, the pressure to compete or just how mechanical life has gotten? While one can point out many reasons, we cannot deny the indisputable fact that depression today starts early.

The easy thing to do is blame circumstances for it or wonder what could possibly affect them so much that it would push them to depression. However, the difficult thing part is to take the time to identify the problem and help them overcome it.

Here are a few common symptoms of depression in teenagers:


Teenagers do have the general tendency to get irritated when questioned – however, if someone is constantly irritated and seems put off by every small thing, it is a warning that it could hint of a deeper mental illness.


2.Frequent Crying

Crying often and for something that would not warrant crying is a sure sign that the person is suffering from depression. If your teenager is spending a lot of time behind closed doors and always seems to be sad or irritable, do watch out because it could point to clinical depression.

3.Lack of motivation

Teenagers do have the tendency to slack in school but is your teenager losing interest in stuff they used to love doing like continuously missing a dance class or football practice? If this is a trend you are noticing then make sure you sit them down and talk to them.


Observe their body language in different situations – are they constantly fidgety, nervous and restless? This kind of anxious behaviour could mean that there is something that is troubling them deeply that needs your attention.

5.Drop in performance

While there are many reasons and distractions for a drop in performance at school, a sharp decline can hint that they have something that is bothering them emotionally.

6.Unexplained aches and pains

Depression also has physical manifestations – if your teenager is constantly complaining of aches and pains that you cannot seem to find a cause for, the problem could be because they are really stressed and depressed.