Red Flag: The Telltale Signs Of A Sociopath

Sociopaths characteristically dismiss the feelings of people around them.

They may be manipulative, uncontrollably egocentric, and can lie for their own benefit. Another remarkable thing about sociopaths: they’re everywhere. Some are actually CEOs, while others can be lawyers, surgeons, journalists, and even police officers.

And they’re very good at hiding it.

So how do you tell if someone around you simply has some behavior quirks, or is an actual sociopath? Watch for these signs; they should help you.

Red Flag 1: Blame You For Situations They Create

Sociopaths often tend to blame others for the problems they themselves cause. They often lie and deceive to achieve this.

They may be blame your for the harm they did to you. For instance, your boss could lie about an anomaly in yesterday’s report and accuse you, an innocent party, of lying. If someone in your life is doing something to drive you mad, and calling you crazy for it, chances are that they have sociopathic tendencies.

Blaming you

Red Flag 2: The Signature ‘Sociopath Stare’

A number of sociopaths have been known to use this as an emotional weapon. They will lay a cold, intense, and blank stare on you. This is designed to manipulate you into submission.

If someone has a habit of doing this, and shows no remorse for the nervousness they cause, that’s a red flag.


Red Flag 3: An Unchecked Ego

A delusional sense of grandeur and an inflated ego are clear signs of sociopathy.

Pay close attention if someone’s self worth is completely removed from reality. They might think they are a great singer or dancer, or really funny, when they actually aren’t. They may be narcissistic as well.

Sociopaths think they’re better than everyone around them, when reality dictates otherwise.


Red Flag 4: A Manipulative Tendency

Sociopaths manipulate weaker people around them, often people who may work under them in a corporate setting. They stay away from equally strong people, preferring to exploit weak points in soft targets.

They have little to no empathy, and very low integrity. Sociopaths are comfortable with lying blatantly and using psychological warfare to weaken people.


What Can You Do?

Sociopaths are superficially ‘nice’, often convincing outsiders that they actually are.

If you’re dealing with one, remain calm when they attempt to use you for ‘emotional entertainment.’ Whatever they get from you through manipulation, let them know—in a non-confrontational way—that you can’t provide it anymore.

Avoid them altogether if you can, and resist their charm. Ignore the self-doubt they will surely throw your way, trying to make you agree with their version of reality. Give up your fear of them.

And, above all, if you know someone else who’s a victim, warn them. Unobtrusively.