The 4 Best Tips To Avoid Road Rage

You’re on the way to work, driving through heavy peak hour traffic. You’re already stressed out because of all the tension getting ready. Maybe you’re worried about an interview you’re about to attend, or about a looming deadline at your job.

Then, someone swerves dangerously in front of you. You lose your temper and start screaming uncontrollably, or spouting obscene language.

That is road rage. And these are the 4 things you can do to avoid it.

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you get the right amount of Zs before you hit the road in the morning. Adequate sleep will keep you relaxed and in control over your emotions. You’ll also be more alert to dangerous driving from fellow drivers.

Choose Your Music Wisely

Statistics show us that people listening to loud, aggressive music can prime people for angry confrontations and such behaviour. Instead, listen to a soothing pop playlist or a radio station that plays soft, mellow music such as classical, or jazz.


No Aggression On The Road

Do not take out your aggression on your car. Since a vehicle feels like an extension of you, people often tend to let out their frustration by stepping on the accelerator.

Do not do this.


Behave Like You Were Eating Out

When eating at a nice restaurant, you most likely wouldn’t lose your cool at the slightest but of provocation. Channel the gentleman in you, and play it cool when you’re on the road. Put your restaurant etiquette to good use!


These tips should keep you from getting too angry behind the wheel!