The Basics Of A Keto Diet

So you’ve finally gotten curious about how exactly to go on a ketogenic diet, also known as the low-carb, high-fat diet OR you’ve already decided to get started on this, one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

Either way, here are the bare essentials of the keto diet, and how to get started on it.

How The Keto Diet Works

With a normal (not keto) diet, your body relies on glucose for energy, while the fat gets accumulated. On a keto diet, you push your body into a survival state called ‘ketosis’ by starving it of glucose, by avoiding carbs.

This releases ketones, which are formed in the liver by the breakdown of fats in your body. This is how people lose weight so fast on the keto diet.weight-loss-jeans

The Benefits

Aside from the main benefit (weight loss), you also cut down unsightly visceral fat around your tummy. As a bonus, your blood sugar levels get controlled. You will also become more energetic, focused, and won’t feel hungry so often as proteins and fats are pretty filling.

You’ll also see blood pressure and cholesterol levels drop significantly. Your insulin levels also reduce, which is how the keto diet has helped a number of prediabetic people and diabetes stage II sufferers get cured completely.

Doctor making blood sugar test. Smiley face

What To Eat

If you’re a vegetarian, eat loads of leafy greens like kale and spinach. Vegetables that are grown above ground are a good bet, such as broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Most nuts are fine, even good for this diet. As far as fruits go, stick to avocados and berries alone. High fat dairy is good too, such as cheese, cream and butter.

What’s great about the keto diet is that high-fat dressings, saturated fats, and coconut oil are all allowed.

As for drinks, water, tea and coffee are all okay. Ideally, do not use sweeteners.


What To Avoid

No vegetables that grow below ground, such as potatoes and carrots.  Also avoid all forms of sugar (candy, grainy white sugar, syrups, honey, etc.). Most fruits, atypically for a diet, are off the table.

Another big no-no, especially for us Indians who are used to them: grains. No rice, no wheat, corn or even cereals! And no juice either.


The Side Effects

Common side effects of an unsupervised keto diet can include:

  • Cramps—fix by including more fluids, and salt, in your diet
  • Constipation—drink more fluids
  • Reduced physical performance—this is only temporary, during the initial stages of the keto

How To Start The Keto Diet

There is no specific process. You start by simply changing  what you eat; that’s literally it.