Everyone knows what to eat to lose weight. Everyone whose address doesn’t read “under a large rock”, anyway. However, did you know that when you eat matters as much?

A number of us have fitness goals to achieve or at least dream of looking or getting fitter. Working on meal timings doesn’t require a lot of effort, plus you’ll see your fitness and/or weight loss goals get closer.

Without much further ado, here’s a simple how-to guide on timing your meals to lose those kilos.

Eating 3 Square Meals A Day Vs. Eating 4 or 5 Smaller Ones

The traditional ‘3 meals a day’ routine is your only option if you have a strict daily schedule that only allows for 3 meal times a day. Make sure you get that recommended minimum of 30g of protein at each meal, though.

The 5-meal routine works a little more effectively at shedding kilos, allowing you a “between meals” snack twice a day. Calorie counting is a little easier here.

Bonus format: You can also plan your meals around workouts. If you have an established workout routine, you can load up on your entire carb supply for the day before/after hitting the gym.

The ‘Meal-By-Meal’ Breakdown


No skipping this one. One study reported that 80% of people who lost 15kg of weight and kept it off invariably ate breakfast.

As for what to have, have a healthy, satisfying breakfast loaded with hunger-beating proteins and healthy carbs. When? One hour after you wake up, according to experts. Preferably before the clock strikes ten (AM).

(Optional Mid-Morning Snack)

Have one if, and advisable only if, you feel hungry before lunch. 2-4 hours after breakfast. Maybe a handful of healthy almonds.


Earlier lunches = More effective weight loss. To this end, try and get lunch done by 3 PM.

Post-Lunch Snack

An afternoon snack can keep blood sugar levels at manageable levels. You won’t feel like overeating at dinnertime, which is (obviously) great for weight loss!


Two simple rules to follow here:

Rule 1: No heavy meals at dinnertime. Learn from the healthy Mediterraneans, and leave that for breakfast and lunch.

Rule 2: Do not give in the dark desire that is the midnight snack. You’ll feel good for a few seconds, but this defeats the purpose of even dieting in the first place.

Well, that’s about it. Keep an eye on your watch, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on that waistline!