What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Did you know there have been studies into what your handwriting says about your personality? There are behaviour patterns that analysts have linked to certain key elements in your writing style.

We’ve gone through some, and put together this easy list for reference.

Element 1: The Slant – Left Or Right?

A rightward-leaning handwriting indicates that you like meeting and interacting with new people. The opposite means you’d rather be left well alone.

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Element 2: How Clear Your Signature Is

When signing your name, a clear easy-to-read autograph means a confident personality. Private personalities may tend to create an illegible scrawl.

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Element 3: The Space Between Our Words

Large spaces between words mean you like your independence, while smaller spaces mean you’d prefer company. Letters that are crowded mean that you might be intrusive, often getting too close to people.

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Element 4: A Matter Of Pressure

Heavy pressure on paper often means a tense mind, while moderate pressure indicates commitment. Light pressure might mean you are sensitive, or that you are extremely empathetic.

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Element 5: Dotting The ‘i’s

High ‘i’ dots mean an active mind. Closely dotted ‘i’s show an attention to detail. If your dots are small circles, you might have a playful personality.

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Do you think you’re a little closer to understanding who you are? Got some other tips on how handwriting can showcase personality? Let us know in the comments!