What to do when you are not working out?

Are you someone who workouts regularly? If you answered yes to that, you have already done most of the task right. However, sometimes, in the excitement to be working out, people often forget that they need to give their bodies a break.

Our bodies are a lot like machines and overworking them is as bad as not using them at all. This is why most places recommend that you take one day from your workout off to relax and rejuvenate.

When people take a day off from their workout, they often end up feeling guilty and negative – DON’T!

These breaks from your workout are something you most definitely deserve and needless to say, there is no need to feel guilty!

Here are a few other things you can do on your rest days to help you prepare better for your workouts.

1. Plan

What better than going back to the drawing board on the days you don’t have to work out? This day can be the perfect day to assess your plans, see where you are lacking and plan well in advance for the week ahead.



Maybe you are not stretching enough during your workout days – now is the perfect time to stretch and devote time to help your body get better!


3.Foam Roller

On rest days, using a foam roller to help relax your tight muscles can really make you ready for the next few days ahead.



A break from workout means pampering your body – it could be a professional massage or a simple hot tub treatment! Do whatever makes you feel alive and kicking for the next workout.



A rest day is meant to give you a break from strenuous exercise – this does not mean that you cannot do ANY exercise. Do go for a simple relaxing stroll to keep the momentum going.



Not working out is not an excuse to cut out on the good nutrition or water. Ensure you drink enough water and follow your healthy diet to compensate for not working out.


This is the perfect day to catch up on all the sleep you might be missing because of your workouts. Ensure you get enough sleep so that you are awake and rejuvenated for the next workout day!