Why Does Every 5th College Student Suffer From Anxiety Or Depression?

It’s a worrying trend: more and more people are suffering from anxiety, depression or some other form of mental illness. Research indicates that 1 in 5 students suffer from depression, which means we can’t afford to ignore this any longer.

Why do people get depressed? And, more importantly, why do students?

Social Interactions Have Suffered

Most college-age people have ready access to social media, and arguably spend more time than they should online. This hinders their real-life social interactive abilities, as more and more people prefer communicating through a social media post to actual conversation.

Mobile phone addiction is becoming a prevalent issue, and the virtual world competes for your attention with the real world. Often, the consequences are all too real—addiction to phones has been proven dangerous. It can cause stress, interrupt normal sleep patterns, and cause anxiety and even depression.

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Cyberbullying Is On The Rise

Once a laughable matter that you could choose to ignore, cyberbullying is a major threat to people’s wellbeing, especially college-goers. Whether someone gets affected in high school or in college, it can affect their mental well being when they are in college.

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Separation Anxiety, Career Worries

When college students have to deal with separation anxiety on top of the problems we discussed already, it can get too much. Add career expectations and peer pressure, and it’s easy to see why anxiety and depression affect 20% or more students.

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The Remedy

Thankfully, the same technology that can cause anxiety and depression can bring a virtual mental health expert right to your iPad or smartphone screen.

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If someone is going through depression or anxiety in college, this is often due to an unexpressed problem. Getting them to talk things out is usually the key.